Monday, May 28, 2012


WOW. I was so MIA for the longest time! I hope everyone has been WELL! I missed blogging and all you ladies I frequently.. er.. converse with over... blogging? Lol. Just a few updates:

_I will resume my blogging... life (?) starting tomorrow.
_I changed my e-mail for my blog... therefore it says I am not following anyone. Please leave comments so I remember to follow again!!
_School was SO tiring but definitely a priority. I also gained something new this semester haha ;)
_I have a HUGE makeup haul... so huge I don't think I can blog about every single item. But for the ones I find significant, expect a post!
_I missed blogging so much.
_So much respect for people who can blog regularly. I guess this goes to show how I don't know how to balance stuff. Quite depressing -_-

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