Saturday, January 29, 2011

I hate snow. Really.

I cannot stand any more snow :( NY was all snowy (17 inches in my area which is crazy) and now it's all sleety and grosssssss. I wore my rainboots today and it made my feet cold :( Anyway, I know I'm on a shopping ban but I never go cold turkey so I bought a couple of things today. Starting off with something I needed:

A cute (and small, not bulky please) scheduler! I hate it when I have to carry a planner or scheduler and they're bigger than my books T_T so since I finished my blue bulky not-so-small one, I bought this cute pink one! $5 @ sanrio!

An outfit for Chanel! It was TEN DOLLARS holy moly it's so tiny too! T_T But it's cute isn't it? :) Chanel doesn't want to walk when she's cold so I had (well no, not HADDDD to but I really wanted to because it looked just so cuteee) to get her this sweater dress. It feels really warm but not so thick like her parka. I don't even have a parka but she does. She hates it but that's really too bad... LOL

A circle scarf. I loveee circle scarves and can never have enough of them. I never really had them in this kind of material (like a sweater) so I got it. It's nice and bulky and I think I'll wear it with the swing coat from the previous post. I think this was on sale for $6 at this corner shop.

Another scarf. The color is actually brown and that is the sole reason why I got it. I thought it looked kind of out the ordinary for a scarf. It's almost ruffled completely but only in strips... if that makes any sense. Same store/price as ^

F21 - $5.80. Hohoho I'm so bad with jewelry, I don't know how to layer or anything :( So I got bracelets that were already sort of layered so I don't have to do it :P

And a finish ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

F21 & Shoes.

So I haven't shopped in a week but last week's stuff came in today. I have a few more packages I'm awaiting. Here's a review of today's stuff.

Ruched back cardigan: F21 - $11.50
Absolutely comfortable and flattering. I was afraid the ruched back would make me look fat T_T but it actually takes a few pounds off... The quality is great too. 10/10

Mod Swing Coat: F21 - $18.99
I get so worried when I order coats online, especially ones from F21 because I doubt their quality. But this swing coat exceeded all my expectations. And how the heck am I going to find another jacket under $20?! 10/10

Knit Cardigan Ruffled dress: F21 - $11.99
I fell for this one at first sight. I love the two-tones and yeah. But I didn't know the inside was satin. Not too crazy about satin but I still love the design. 9/10

Leatherette Woven Belt: F21 - $7.80
Compared to how cheap the cardigan and jacket was, I now feel this belt is rather pricey. Lol, but I needed one of these and it does its job. 9/10

Cupcake Necklace: F21 - $1.50
Medium quality, I can't expect much from $1.50 but it still is uber cute. Lol. It's longer than I expected so that's always good. 8/10

Classic Pearlescent Necklace: F21 - $3.80
I haven't worn it yet but there are no defects and it's light. So far so good. 10/10

Carabel Studded Pumps: Nina Shoes - $29.99
*_* Soo cute. I was eyeing it for like, ever, and it finally went on sale $35.98 and I had an extra 20% off. Haha, it's very comfortable. There was only one size left and it was my size! It was calling for me. 10/10

Audrey Pumps: Nine West - $29.99
Hands down favorite from today. I'm going to wear it with my skinny jeans! The blue is a less darker IRL and it's suede! Suede wins, although it's hard to take care of. Even though the box came in a little crushed, 10/10

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

I like to occasionally cook but I've been doing it a lot these days because classes haven't started yet. January 31st is doom's day. Lol. So yeah sort of a lot of pictures today but it's not that bad today. Before I start, I want to share a picture of possibly the best stuff ever. NUTELLA! w/ cracker sticks!

So I was at the supermarket and I see these babies on the shelf. I grab one to find that it's $2.50 which is pretty expensive so I only bought one, sort of like a test run. Is it just as good? Yes. Is it better than Nutella alone? YES. YES. YES. They sort of remind me of "yan yan" the Asian kind but it's like um, a million times better?!

I already had a lot when I took this picture. Very satisfied with the amount of cracker sticks in it. And the Nutella, more than enough. I scooped up the remaining with my fingers. Gross, but I know everyone does it! >_____>"

A shot of it with some Nutella on.

Dduk ramen guk w/ shredded seasoned beef. It's actually a new thing I made here LOL. Everyone was like "huh..." but it was really good! The beef seasoning was perfect. Very mild.

Budae Jjigae. Includes mussels, baby octopus, tofu, scallion, and sausage. Quite spicy.

Salad w/ Italian dressing.

Gato, our store cat lol. When she was still a kitty:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Splendid day! - Long post ahead!

Today was all in all, a great day. So much shopping was done and it just makes me feel really happy. Not gonna lie, materialistic things DO make me happy although it's not the SOURCE of my happiness. Lol, does that make sense?

So first, I'm going to do a review of Sephora's Deluxe Perfume Sampler for Her - $50. My best friend was kind enough to get it for me as she knew I was looking for the perfect perfume. It basically comes with a pouch and a roller ball refill and 10 samples of perfumes, and a certificate in which you can redeem it for any 1 full size bottle. And here goes my bad explanations. The samples include:
-Coach : Poppy (which I got) - Slightly flowery, very fruity, springy. Most of all, lasts a long time, actually most of them lasted a long time except Daisy which kind of just left me after a while :( . LOVE. 5/5
-Marc Jacob's: Daisy - Too flowery for my tastes, but it is the one that I was originally trying to buy. 4/5
-Kenzo: Flower - This one was alright too, I didn't really like the after-smell though. It is quite floral, which is obvious lol 3.5/5
-Vera Wang: Princess - Ugh, I had this one a while ago too and I absolutely do not like it. It's really musky at the end and just BLAH. 2/5
-Harajuku Lovers: G - This would have been my second choice. It smells close to "Lil' Angels" also by Harajuku Lovers which I LOVEEED and will probably get a bottle of. They're also the same color, yellow. But it smelled sort of musky after a while so it lost to POPPY! 4.7/5
-Ralph Lauren: Romance - Probably my fourth choice. It smells very springy and happy. Warm scent. 3.8/5
-Michael Kors: Very Hollywood - Ah yes. I certainly hope Hollywood doesn't smell like this because it smells ... not so great.
-Gucci: Flora - I don't know why but the 'higher end' a fragrance is, I can't handle the smell. I didn't even wear it before trying it on. LOVE gucci but not the fragrance. Maybe when I'm older..
-Narciso Rodriguez: For Her - Bad packaging. Could not try.
-Calvin Klein: Europhia - I loveee Calvin Klein. Underwear and outerwear! But their perfume wasn't really for me. It smells good but I just didn't like it.

The actual perfume I redeemed only cost $42 which means there was technically a $8 loss. But I still feel that it's worth it because you REALLY get to try things before getting a full size. I received this before Christmas so... I really took the time to test things out before making my conclusion. In general, I like fruity things so "Poppy" was perfect for me. My second choice was "G" and my third was "Daisy". Now, I was originally planning on "G" but after wearing it a couple of times, I didn't like how the scent went away and that it turned a little musky towards the end. So that was a no-no for me. The samples were, generally, very fruity but some were too musky for me like "Flora" or "Narciso Rodriguez For Her". So definitely check it out! OH! and I think this is only available online..

Here's a picture of the certificate:

My collection of perfume samples.. LOL

After much testing, I redeemed my full size!

...onto more shopping!

VS Bras: $9.99 each. So VS is having their semi-annual sale and all sale bras are $15.99 and up. I have no idea why mine were cheaper. My friend went with me and got hers from the same section and it was $15.99. So I think I lucked out. Lol. The doggy one on top is from the PINK line and retailed @$28.50 and the bottom one retailed @$45.

H&M - $7. Retail $24.95. YAY for cheap bags! It's a gorgeous brown bag that is surprisingly more roomier than it looks. It's a messenger bag as well so it caught my eyes at first sight. I thought the buckle part was going to be hard to use daily but I found out it was a snap-button when I got home so I'm so relieved!

H&M - $10, Retail $49.50. Studded black vest w/ belt. The shoulders are super cute! I tried it on and I like how it looks but I'm not sure how it looks on ME since I'm not really the stud wearing type lol. I just couldn't resist *_*

ZARA: $7.99, Retail $19.90 Well this shirt is a
"2in1" shirt. There's a heart tank that comes with it so you can wear it inside. Can't wait for warm weather ^____^

SALE: $9.99, Retails $25.90 - Same store as above. The bear's dress is actually pink sequins! Again, I'm weak against the temptations of cute pink stuff lol.

SALE: $9.99, Retails $25.90 - Same store as above. The detail on the shoulder is cute but my camera didn't catch it. I thought the man was a little freaky at first but I decided to buy it last minute. And the man looks like quite the fashionista. Haha.

Ann Taylor - $9.99, Retail $68. How pink and fluffy ^___^ It was the last one on the rack and I had to grab it although it's a bit big. Such a keeper for an Ann Taylor item!

T____T these were the two most expensive things I bought today. $14.95 for two scarves. THESE were the two I could NOT resist the most so I had to get both of them.

I am officially on a shopping ban for at least ... I don't know. But I've been eyeing this Marc by Marc Jacob's bag and I'm preeeeetty sure I'll end up purchasing it. Lol. And last but not least!...

I was trying to get a picture of her sleeping but she woke up immediately as the shutter was about to go off. Haha, time to snuggle with her and watch "My Princess"!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exactly half a year till my birthday

.. and I'm actually not that excited! Nothing exciting about aging (LOL this makes my mother so mad when I say this) and yes I did nothing today. It has been a very uneventful, but peaceful Saturday and I'm back with pictures? On soompi they have this thread called "what's in your bag" and I wanted to put my picture up but before I do, I want to share some pictures I took of my uneventful evening last night through lunch today.

Isn't this mug cute?! I think the craftsmanship is a little "ehh" but it was only a dollar and the fact that the polka dots are sort of uneven seems cuter to me haha ^^ I was having decaffeinate green tea. And the mug is actually pretty large, I had to pee throughout the night :x tmi?! Maybe haha :) My friend texted me and asked me what I was doing so I told her "drinking green tea" and she told me green tea was radioactive. LOL is it?! I honestly don't care =( Green tea tastes good!

This mighty burger is made personally by my father who makes killer foods. I actually couldn't finish all of it but yes it was verrrry good. I think it's pretty funny how my dad can cook Italian, American, Cuban, Russian but not Korean. Makes very little sense to me!! I once asked him why he can't cook Korean and he told me "it's not that I can't, I just choose not to." Well, I'll never know for sure.

Lastly, the "what's in your bag" picture. Well, I'm not back at college yet sooo no books for now. From right to left - water, bag, pencil case, cell phone, gloves, ID/metrocard holder, iPod, umbrella, wallet, keys. And usually my camera which is not there because I was using it! :P

I usually carry a small make up bag as well but I didn't today so it's not there =) BUT I don't carry make up in it since I don't really wear make-up :| I carry tissues, a mirror, handsanitizer, chapstick and an eyeliner for no particular reason.

And to wrap things up....!

my baby! =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Latest Shopping Spree (?)

So I am a big time shopper x_x. I typically spend $100+ (which is why I never have money for the times I actually need it -_-) and I did some damage this week as well. I bought from AE ($133 -> $108 after discounts) and I bought a long champ bag (le pliage) in lavender! ($125 -> $80 after sale). I always wanted one and I'm very pleased with both of my purchases! I LOVE bags. From cheap ones to expensive ones I love love love them. Lol, people tell me I can probably open my own bag store. I think not! Maybe next time I'll do a post of my bags ^___^

Anyway, here are the pictures! For my AE purchase I got lazy and just posted a snapshot of the item summary (plus they're currently in the wash) :D

^such a pretty color, no?! Just a bad picture x_x

^100% satisfied with everything I bought. Although AE jeans constantly remind me of my short height... (5'1) WHO CARES?!

& a bonus! My yorkshire terrier, Chanel! Long story short, her name is Chanel because she cost as much as a Chanel bag my mother wanted. LOL. We ended up getting her instead and named her Chanel. Haha yeah :P

Sleeping so peacefully under a pile of clothes that are not her's!

That's it for today :p

Monday, January 10, 2011

First post!

Hiii :)
So this is my first post. Kinda excited for this! Can't believe I put together my banner in 50seconds. LOL. I hope to meet many special people here and stuff. I'm probably going to use this blog to ramble about everything. Hehe =)
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