Monday, May 30, 2011

Mom, Angry, Omelette Rice, NANA's B - SHINee BB Cream

This entry was never published, was supposed to be published Saturday! :(

*Today kinda sucks so far even though it's only 30 minutes past noon :( I woke up to a nice big zit on my cheek, it's under the skin too. HUGE (literally -- it almost looks like a bad bug bite...) and under the skin. It's going to take forever for it to go away =( It's sore as well.. ugh so bad why do zits exist!??! Andddd my mama was mad at me (we rarely EVER fight and it really was not my fault today) so... overall a horrible morning. I decided I'd leave her alone because I know everyone has those angry days lol. But just now my mom walked into my room with this

so we automatically made up :) It's her omelette with an Asian twist? lolol.

And if you were curious, under the egg! Fried rice with mushroom, spinach, shrimp, shredded squid, carrot.

Speaking of my zit, I wanted to do a review of NANA's B - SHINee's BB cream. I know everrryone does reviews on them but I don't see so many on this particular one.
For starters, it was made by LG's personal care laboratory and Korean boy group SHINee endorsed it. It has SPF 20 so a separate sunblock is not necessary but it wouldn't hurt I think. Some of my other BB creams have like SPF 45, so 20 isn't that high at all. Apparently they use "Angel's tear" a natural phytosubstance that prevents and eases troubled skin. It is also recommended for adolescent skin.

Where to buy: (legitimate US/NYC seller - but she's going to Korea soon!)

Price: USD$19, +$2 shipping (which is really cheap by the way), or free with a purchase of $30. All international orders are $5 regardless of amount! And she accepts cash/money order for those who don't use paypal.

I compared it to my Lioele - Beyond the Solution BB cream. And this is where the pros/cons took place.

-Very light, almost mousse-like texture. It's actually kind of hard to call it a "cream" it feels much lighter than that.
-Blends easily.
-It has a very subtle scent, subtle enough not to bother me but also subtle enough for me to enjoy it. It smells quite nice actually. Not floral-y or too fruity.
-It does have SPF 20 so you're not completely unprotected from the sun.
-Of course, the pretty boys of SHINee.
-CUTE/SLEEK PACKAGING *O* I'm a sucker for cute packaging!
-They have a list of names of the teenagers/young adults who apparently took place in the laboratory studies on the side of the box, which I think is respectable!
-No white cast!

-As you will see below, it is extremely light and I think it only comes in one shade, if not there probably aren't many other. I'm pretty sure this is the only shade as it does not indicate WHICH shade it is.
-Because it's light, I don't think many people can use it. I didn't have a particular problem with it because I am pretty pale but coverage is VERY light.
-My bottle was new but it had quite a bit of air in it. I don't really like how you have to squeeze it out either, wish there was a pump! They probably filled it with air BECAUSE you need to squeeze it out and they probably didn't want the cream to explode out on the first use. But still, air is.. air.
-Considering it was designed for acne skin, I don't think it did much to help my acne. But it didn't harm me either!
***This is up for swap if anyone is interested! Leave a comment with your e-mail if interested! ***

So here's the packaging, pretty sleek right?

And the list of participants as I mentioned before.

Pretty boys LOL. SHINee!

The actual bottle itself.

The side. I really REALLY REALLLLY like the packaging! I loveee Korean beauty product package :D 99.9% of the time, they are absolutely adorable.

So here 1) I spelled the SHINee part wrong hahah sorry about that. 2) I compared it to my lieole beyond the solution BB cream which I use everyday! Lieole isn't even that dark to start off with, so you can really see how much lighter the SHINee one is.

I .. can't explain the bad lighting. BUT you can still see that the NANA's B BB cream is still very light!
Repurchase?: No.

Overall: 3.5/5 (But I'm a hard grader!)

So yeah, that's about it! Hope this helps if you were interested in this particular bb cream at all :)

PS. I want a new camera (DSLR) and my birthday is coming up! From all the saved paychecks/previous Christmas money from my Uncle & Aunt, I think I can buy a camera AND have some money left over! Should I?!...... dun dun dun I don't know. I get so scared when I need to spend a lot of money LOL.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with yeppensonyuh in any way. I purchased the BB cream with my own money and my opinions are of course 100% my own.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I did it! AND it's very PICTURE heavy! :)

Second post in a rowwww oh yeah.

So today I woke up because my mom yanked my blanket away from me so she can wash them T_T. Got up, registered for summer classes and did my thing. I didn't wear make up today because we were supposed to be at the doc's by 1 and I woke up a little before 11 so, no time. Oh never mind. I wore concealer on my chin because I was breaking out there (thank you finals!). Every time I take pictures of myself I see my round round round face and it's so annoying!

Top - ann taylor
Bottom - ann taylor loft
Bag - Longchamp
Shoes - forever 21

God......... look at my calves! They get bigger the more I walk :((((

So for yesterday's post I wrote about how I lost weight from all that walking to and from school! And today I wanted to show the pictures. I have these AE cargo bermudas (size 4) that I wore last summer. I wore wanted to wear them today with a yellow top instead of ^^^^ so I put it on and watched it fall down without much effort! :( (the shirts are different by the way, the one I wore in these pictures are what I wore to sleep last night LOL) I had to stand awkwardly so my pants won't fall down for the picture but it wasn't THAT much of a pleasant surprise given that I really liked these pants, and those are fake drawstrings so I didn't use them lol.

T_T ^ I know it doesn't seem like much but it really is :(

Last but not least, for the non-readers!

(w/o flash) By the way, the silver shatter is awwweeesome. I don't own the black but I tried it and I think the silver leaves a better finish.

New wallet! :)

What I like about this bag beside the design: That it's big and spacious! WHY ARE ALL QUILTED BAGS SO SMALL :( They had a beige color and I really wanted it but my paychecks are not great enough to buy both T_T

and the bottom opens up like this or you can zipper it and keep it flat!

New AE pants :( but they're not the same..

got this for my mama but I feel like we're both going to be using it.

:DDDD how can you say no?!


I thought the heart on top would be a lot smaller but it's pretty much the same size. the lengths are different though~



Hey guys, long time no blog! I actually sign on every day, read blogs and sign out. I stopped commenting for a while too. I was deciding on whether or not I wanted to keep my blog, I feel like some how it became "what did I buy recently" kind of blog which was not what I was aiming for (I'm going to do that anyway for the people who do not read LOL). I mean, I am a full time student and stuff, I know that's not an excuse but I know for sure that most people don't take 3 hours to get to school/come home (in total but that's still a lot) so, physically I am drained when I come home. I don't just transfer from train to train, I walk a few blocks back and forth for it and I don't know, I don't think I'm too absurd for being tired all the time lol. But I felt sad to leave so I decided to give it another go.

Finished first year of college! It was so much work.. all I remember is doing work but it was great meeting new people. I started a little notebook to write about stuff on the subway, I'm telling you!! NYC subways are the craziest and dirtiest places to be LOL. I'd take pictures of the gross stuff but it'd make everyone scream =( HEY but maybe I will... let me know what you think :p

Lately for breakfast I've been having only an apple and like I said, since I walk around a lot I guess I burn it off easily lol. So I felt kind of dizzy so I decided to have a hearty meal for breakfast from now on. I don't really do anything special to work out but it seems all the walking made me drop two pants sizes. I wore a 3 for juniors or a 4 for women but I'm pretty much a 0-2 now lol. My first year too!

I know I'm like, I don't know, ALWAYS saying this but... I WILL POST TOMORROW. Even if it's the death of me lol!

blahhhh doctor visit tmrw though :( BLAAAAAAAAH.

Semi-old picture of my dog and I! I miss our old backyard, whatever you can see in this picture =(

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