Monday, April 25, 2011

Life, people, and ... awkward packaging.

Hi guys =)

First off, collective haul post will come up soon. Probably next Tuesday-ish, I have a lot of things coming in soon. I never meant this blog to be anything in particular (compared to people who have fashion/beauty/photography/food blogs) but I feel like it has become more of a haul... review... lame (LOL) -esque blog. So I'm only going to do collective haul posts (like from 5 different brands/stores per entry).

The older I get, the faster time goes and I really envy people who know what they're going to do with their lives. I feel that now I'm in college, a lot more is at stake -- and that's the reality of it. The older you get, of course things matter more and well, every move becomes a risk. The key is to enjoy it as much as you can but I'm just the type to stress out. I hate the feeling of not knowing how my life will turn out and knowing that things in life don't always go as planned. But I am confident in one thing: Because I know what kind of life I want to live, I will try my very best each and every day to take a step closer to that life I dream of.

People never fail to disappoint me, myself included because there are many days when I can't stand myself. Nonetheless, the time I spend with people still counts towards "memory" for me. People belittle memories because they have no power in the present. But people forget that memories won't change and that it is a part of your history. You can't deny it or intentionally forget it, it's always there. Those moments just start to move to the back of your mind as you live your life in the present but everyone has days they just reminisce. Reminiscing isn't possible without memories.

Oh, and to end the sappiness, here's a rant about awkward packaging (aka poor packaging).
I recently got my hands on the Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow in 04 - Backstage Basics and I was excited to try them because it supposedly has"intensifying" wet looks or "soft" dry looks.
I recently moved. When I was packing, I packed my make-up/brushes together in a box and I carried it myself because I didn't want anything to get ruined inside. Given that it was a small box, it was packed. No room for my make-up to move around. So today I was FINALLY going to try them but it was broken, not all of them but the second to lightest shade. This is what I found:

So, that left unattractive shimmering everywhere. NONE of my other eye shadows did this, I can only assume there is something terribly wrong with the packaging. Oh, and it was kinda wrapped in tissues. Wonderful.

Secondly, the colors are so close together I can't use my normal eye shadow brushes because it picks up the color next to it. I guess this isn't THAT bad because I'm most likely going to blend anyway and the colors are pretty dark (except for the top white one). But I just don't NEED some of the colors sometimes! Based on other reviews, everyone kinda feels the same about these. Not sure if they're discontinued but I hope they are so nobody wastes money of these.

Lastly, I am really disappointed because I fell in love with the colors when I saw them.

In reality, pigment is okay (I really do like how it looks kinda frosty), and I'm not sure about lasting power because I just did a test run and removed it within a few hours. Actually now that I think about it, it wasn't as dark as it was before... but I'm not 100% sure. I was thinking about tossing these before giving them a real go. But I wouldn't because that would be a waste, lol. I guess I'll have to come up with some use for it. I usually love Milani but "Runway Eyes", you're not for me!

Did you ever encounter any poorly packaged products? Or do you have advice on life.. LOL. Tell me! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunny day but not in a good mood.

I don't know if any of you guys have done a meet up with a seller before, because when I'm selling something and I have to meet up at 11, I will be there by 11:10 latest. I feel awfully apologetic when I'm late but apparently, only I feel this way. I had a meet up with a girl (I was the buyer) and I basically waited 50 minutes for her. Turns out that she had facebook msged me about being 20-30 minutes late but that makes no sense to me either. Why couldn't she just text me in the first place this way she's sure that I read it? Either way, she was 20 minutes late on TOP of the 30 minutes she said -_- so I waited 50 minutes for her. She came and said "I'll be there in 2 minutes" but I left anyway lol. And I called a dozen times before too, if she picked up ONE call out of the dozen I would have waited longer. Ugh, ending rant here.

Here are the pictures of the nail polish from the previous post. I really like this new beauty supply store I found, they have really cheap prices because another beauty supply store is across the street so their prices are always rock bottom.

ABSOLUTE: Okay, these polishes were only 1.50 per bottle and really cheap. They had all sorts of colors but they came out with a pastel line (I'm assuming for spring) and the colors were so delicate I couldn't go past them! The brushes are surprisingly nice and so is the texture. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised but it wasn't quite OPI quality either. The consistency was very watery, which is okay for me because I like them like so. But they do not chip and their quality is much better than ELF (based on price) plus no awkward packaging like ELF. One thing I did not like though, was that because it's so watery, I needed to do many applications (around 3-4) to get full color. Usually, 2 coats are enough for me. Final Rating: 3/5 (+1 for color, +1 for price, +1 for packaging, -1 for consistency, -1 for application)

This one actually was not a part of the spring line but I thought the sparkles were amazing! I know it looks golden in the picture but it applies clear with sparkles that seem holographic. I haven't been able to pair it up with any color though. I'm thinking it'll look nice with a black polish underneath but it's too sunny for a black manicure IMO, lol.

CONFETTI: These were $2 per bottle and the consistency isn't as watery as the ones above. However, they do chip easily and they take FOREVER drying! Is it just me?? It doesn't matter if you use a base coat and a top coat. These like to chip away like there's no tomorrow. And for some reason, they have this odd smell when drying. It's not really bad or anything but I've never had this happen to me. I do like the brushes for these more than the Absolute ones. Very nice colors though. Final Rating: 2.5/5 (+1 for color, +0.5 for price, +1 for brush, -1 for chipping, -1 for smell.) Price is only +0.5 because while $2 IS cheap, it wasn't worth $2.

I also bought nail stickers but I don't know how I'm going to use them. The ones below are my favorite but I probably have to cut them to use them :( The smallest sticker is still too big for my thumb (see below). The width of my pinky is just about HALF a CENTIMETER. LOL. Tiny nails :( It's so hard to play around with them. But I really like these stickers either way.

I thought these were so cute! I already used a few, wish I took pictures before using them. They're 3D and really sticky but I wish that the rhinestones for the hearts were on the other side of the heart. Still cute though, esp. the bows :)

S'all for today, happy almost end of the week: not that it matters for me :P

Monday, April 18, 2011


I lied, that wasn't really soon :( Sorry about that. But I promise an entry once everyday or every other day because now I'm REALLY settled in.

So here are my updates about life:
-I moved! which would help explain the long unofficially declared hiatus.
-I cut my hair :p Pictures soon? Maybe tomorrow?
-Vacation started :) A long needed one..
-Time to register for summer classes T_T
-Getting to know the neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood, my neighbor is a total jerk :( How do you guys deal with jerks in general?... My take on it was to actually not deal with them at all, but what do you do when the problem gets out of hand?

Anyway, on to the happy stuff. I just want to add rightttt here that I missed blogging so much!

Before moving, I bought a few bottles of nail polishes:

Just pictures today because I wanted to show the colors. More exact ones will be posted tomorrow. Just letting you guys know that I'm back and rolling :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey guys :)
Sorry for not posting in a while :( my life has changed so much within the last few weeks, and I must say that it's for the better.

This post is to just let everyone know that I am indeed alive. LOL, speak to you guys soon.

Real soon! ;)
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