Saturday, December 31, 2011

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy

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Hello, hello! Hope everyone has been well!

Today I will be blogging about Too Faced - Eye Shadow Insurance Policy. It comes with a full-sized Too Faced Shadow Insurance (it's a classic, I'm sure you've heard of it) and a palette with six gorgeous shades.

This palette is totally worth it. Why is this so worth it? Because it's currently on sale on the Too Faced website for $19. It was originally $38. It's also worth it because the shadow insurance alone goes for $18. So for another dollar, you can get a palette with some neutral and some popping colors!

I'm going to briefly review the palette (since I know everyone knows about the primer, lol). I will let my pictures do some of the explaining now.

I think that the little stretchy thing on the side for the shadow insurance is kinda cute, lol.

The palette! I don't know how or when I'll use Skinny Dip and Lucky Charms but they're great colors nonetheless. My favorite are Full Frontal, Glamazon, Socialite - if you couldn't guess, haha.

(no flash- from left to right w/ no primer: Full Frontal, Glamazon, Socialite, Boy Toy, Lucky Charms, Skinny Dip).

(flash- from left to right w/ no primer: Full Frontal, Glamazon, Socialite, Boy Toy, Lucky Charms, Skinny Dip).

One downside, however, is the cardboard(?) packaging. Very study but cardboard is cardboard. I don't like to depot because I like keeping things the way they originally were and it's not THAT bad but I don't think it would have hurt to make the packaging out of something other than cardboard. But the price wouldn't have been the same I guess.

In short, a 4.5/5 - I honestly think it would be difficult for me to not like it.

I'm still new to Too Faced though. Do you guys have any of their products you'd recommend? Or maybe something you'd want to try? Let me know! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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Hey guys!

So today I want to talk about perfume. I love perfume but I'm very picky about it. It cannot be too flowery or too musky, and I prefer it to be fruity smelling. I know scents can smell different on certain people but I just really like the way fruity things smell on me!

The downside of perfume? The price. I have trouble justifying the price I have to pay for a full sized bottle of perfume. Some perfumes cost ~$50 for a 1.7 fl oz bottle! But I probably will never leave my house without spritzing something on. My goodness. I just can't.

I usually HATE perfumes from "higher end" brands (Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors (if you consider it higher end)) and the list goes on. I usually find them too strong or musky and I hate anything that smells like that.

I do have a few perfume samples and I actually DO use them. I know lots of people never use them but not I! I have a spare reusable roll-on thing I got from Sephora (I can pour in perfume into the tube, twist it shut and use it as a roll-on) so they usually do not go to waste.

These are a few of my perfume samples. The six perfumes I definitely want to try in the full size are also here.

Not in any order, here are the perfumes I definitely would buy if I had the chance:

1) Marc Jacobs - "Daisy"
2) Harajuku Lovers - "G"
3) Clinique - "Happy"
4) DKNY - "Be Delicious (Golden)"
5) Harajuku Lovers - "Lil' Angel" <- these are kind of harder to find nowadays.
6) Ralph Lauren - "Romance"

Have you guys tried any from my list? If so, what are your opinions? AND! What is your favorite perfume (if you have one)?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays! + NOTD

Hey guys, quick post to wish everyone happy holidays!
It's been a wonderful year and I'm glad I have my blog to share my days.

A quick NOTD, I painted them a week ago so there are chips and wears but it looks pretty festive nonetheless! And don't forget to enter my one year giveaway! It ends January 15th, 2012!

Take care! xoxo

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain (in Donutella)

My goodness, today marks the end of my finals!... FINALLY!
I normally don't get dark circles but I found them when I was washing my face earlier ;( I'm really going to catch some sleep tonight, it's been a tough two weeks. And now I am anxiously awaiting grades. I think this week I got about 6 hours since Sunday night and last week I got about 8 from Monday-Friday so you can tell what state I'm in LOL.

I don't have anything to do right now! Such an odd (but pleasant) feeling.

What better time to review my new favorite lip item than now?!

Haha, so I'm going to be reviewing the Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain in Donutella. It's a part of my giveaway so I'm glad I like it so much!

I know lip sticks are totally essential for some women but I'm really not a lipstick person. I'm not much of lip gloss person either... I just like lip balms and lip tints. This item is exactly a cross between a lip balm and a lip tint. There's enough color without the dryness lip tints can leave and I personally like this color because it's not in-your-face obvious but it still gives a nice light color.

I was a little disappointed with the packaging as you can see here:

It's a little crooked at there was product on the side of the tube (the one in the giveaway is also like this but fear not, they're new and sealed!) so I mean, the packaging is a little flimsy.

But really cute cap designs! Typical of Tokidoki.

(Swatch with flash)

Another reason why I like this product is because it's kind of shiny but NOT glittery. There are no random flecks of glitter anywhere! Nothing about glitter is too natural looking lol :) Sometimes I just want something... plainer!

Without the lip balm stain:

With the lip balm stain:

^Please excuse my dry skin!!! :( Maybe I should have turned off macro lol, accentuating all my flaws man :(

So as you can see, my lips went from pretty darn dry to not so dry with one quick coat of this lip balm stain! I don't see what's not to love.

In short...

Pretty short review but I hope I was able to convey my satisfaction of this product lol.

Also, don't forget to join my one-year giveaway here and make sure you have followed all the mandatory rules! :D

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle of the eyelash curlers & FOTD

Urban Decay vs. Revlon!

Hello hello hello!
This is a delayed post, thank you finals! I'm not done till next week but I really wanted to finish this post!

Also, don't forget to enter my one-year giveaway here!

Today I want to do a review on my two favorite eyelash curlers, both I bought after I started this blog.

First off, let me introduce the eyelash curlers: Urban Decay "The Revolution" and the simple Revlon Eyelash Curler (Black/red).

I'll do some brief comparisons. The Urban Decay Eyelash Curler is $20. It's considered "revolutionary" I guess, because it's supposed to fit all eye shapes/sizes and not pinch your eyelids (which I was a victim to T_T). The shape of it is quite different as well. There are no "ends" on the sides! It comes with I think 5 or 6 replacement parts. I don't think this product is really raved about but I like it!

On the other hand, the Revlon Eyelash Curler was only about $6 at my local drugstore. It's probably my favorite cheap eyelash curler (and they still sell them!). It's your typical eyelash curler but it curls well, IMO. It comes with two replacement parts.

Problem is, I think my skin is kind of allergic to the metal of the Revlon one?? It turns my skin red when the the metal part touches anywhere other than my lashes. It's not itchy and it DOES go away but... it's also a reason why I prefer my UD over my Revlon. For the UD curler, it really is not likely that the metal parts will ever touch my face.

Without curled lashes:


See that red part on the right?!


In general, I like the UD one more because it doesn't leave that red mark and I think it curls evenly. The Revlon curler is a bit too big for my eyes which means it curls the end of my lashes pretty well but not really the beginning parts. But that doesn't really make the UD curler "HG" status... I'm still on the hunt for the perfect eyelash curler!

In short:
Urban Decay - 3.5/5
Revlon - 3/5

And yesterday after work I had a small get-together-dinner kinda thing with my co-workers except for that snobby girl I once mentioned LOL. It was fun. Hot (the really blasted the heat there) but fun. I won't see any of them till next semester I think. I came home looking pretty gross lol but I snapped a picture anyway.

P.S.: has anyone tried the Shu Umera (sp?) curler? They're not as available but I'd love to try it some day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

[CLOSED] One-Year Giveaway!

Hello, hello, hello!
Today's post will be kinda brief because this post will be about my giveaway.
Over the weekend I will post my review about my current favorite eyelash curler, so be on the look out for that, please!

January 15th marks my 1 year! Can't believe how fast the year goes.
My giveaway may not be that fancy to some of you but I did put a lot of time/work into it. Literally. My work is in this giveaway (cause my job paid for all of this bahaha). I've been collecting stuff to include in my giveaway for a while now! So... I hope everyone can enjoy it :)

Now there will be TWO winners. The first winner will be drawn at random, the second winner will be the person who most frequently comments my blog :)

Without further ado... the prizes!

One 1st Place winner will receive:
1) One quilted cosmetic bag (really cute, the zipper goes all the way down as well).
2) One NARS eyeshadow duo in Island Fever (my review here).
3) One Urban Decay/24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Duo - Oil Slick & Rockstar (everyone's favorite!)
4) One Tokidoki Sugar Free Mints (These are really yummy!)
5) One Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain in Donutella (TOTALLY LOVE. Will post a review about this soon... I hope).
6) One package of Nivea lip care! Includes 3 kinds: Milk and Honey, Shimmer, Smoothness (Need I tell people how good these things are?)
7) One Rimmel Moisture Shimmer lipstick in Coral Shimmer (I really wanna try this one day, when I AM a lipstick person haha)
8) Two Shades of Season Nail Polishes.
9) One Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment (LOVE!)
10) One Essence of Beauty eye-mask in WHITE (Every girl needs one, come on).
11) One sample sized Sephora eye makeup remover.
12) A bag of my "perfect skin" samples. Includes 2-3 of my favorite BB cream samples and 2-3 of my favorite skin revitalizing samples. All are from Korea. Brands include Missha and Tony Moly and more.

One 2nd Place Winner will receive:
1) One Essence of Beauty eye-mask in lavender! (Yay!)
2) One sample sized Philosophy "Miracle" moisturizer. (Classic)
3) One Bath and Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizer in "Fresh Market Apple" (NOM!)
4) One Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Knock on Wood (lovelovelove)
5) Two Wet n Wild lipsticks 901B, 911D (Never tried these before!)
6) Two Wet n Wild nail polishes in pink and red.

P.S.: Depending on how things go on my end, there probably will be runner up prizes I will mention when I announce the winners.

Now here are the rules...
A) Open to people all over the world.
B) Must be a public follower. Hopefully you won't unfollow after this is over :(
C) Must be over 18 years old.
D) Must include a comment on THIS post with location & how you stumbled upon my blog hehe (I would recommend on the any other comment section, read below).
E) Must comment at least once on any of my other posts (if you haven't already).
F) ENDS: JANUARY 15th, 2012.

A) Blog about my giveaway! Must include a link back to my blog :) (+1)
B) Blog about my giveaway including BOTH pictures of giveaway! Must include a link back to my blog :) (+2)
C) Leave it in a side bar (+1)

Entry format: Please copy and paste, say "N/A" if not applicable.

Blog Link(if you have one, I will definitely check it out if you do):
Any other comments:

Bahaha good luck everyone!!! :D

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

READ ME!: Winners~

Hello hello hello! Hope everyone is doing swell :)
Tomorrow marks the official end of the "junk food game" but I've decided to cut it a day short because I already have two winners. I know I said two winners but I've decided to make it three winners because 1) I really wanted to include people who frequently comment my blog ^-^! and 2) It was a tie between two people. Despite the slight change in rules, thanks for participating! :D

Here are the answers:
1) Red velvet scone! (I don't think any of you got this right :P)
2) Soft tacos!
3) Quesadillas!
4) Shrimp or prawns with french fries!
5) Red velvet cake.
6) Chocolate "lava" cake but chocolate cake is good enough!
7) Birthday cake with macarons!
8) Chocolate cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, and iced coffee!
9) Mac n Cheese! (everyone got this :D)

Here are the official winners:
1) Mallory AND Jessica (I lol'd at the "plate of ketchup in the back") hahah, congrats!
2) Vonny - yay :)

Here are the prizes (prizes are subject to minor changes, I'm thinking of adding a few things [it's a season to be giving!] but it isn't official yet):

Mallory: 2 bottles of nail polish, 2 my beauty diary masks (1x black pearl, 1x aloe), Tony Moly "Floria" foaming cleanser (30mL), Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio.

Jessica: 2 bottles of nail polish, 2 my beauty diary masks (1x black pearl, 1x aloe), H&M hair ties in brown, Laneige deluxe samples (3), Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio.

Vonny: 2 bottles of nail polish, 2 my beauty diary masks (1x black pearl, 1x aloe), 1 A! Perfect Five Colors eyeshadow palette, Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio.

hehe. so what I need you guys to do is:
1) e-mail me at xjun3bugs [at] w/ name & address ASAP.
2) the subject should be "blog - junk food!!!!!!!!!!" yes, please include those "!!!!!!!!!". I get over 70 e-mails daily and if I just skim through it, I might end up deleting it >_>
3) For the wet n wild eyeshadow, let me know which shades you want. The more specific, the better (I think I have all of the shades...). If you don't know, tell me if you're looking for a neutral look, smokey look, green look, rainbow look, rofl just tell me!
4) be on the look out for your packages! :D
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