Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm sorry!

hey guys :) hope you've been doing well. Super sorry for the lack of posts... I realize again that being a diligent blogger is quite difficult ! August was a VERY busy month for me but now that I'm slowly settling into the school year, I'm back for good.

Here's what happened to me in the past month.
-Caught a cold.
-Got rid of a cold.
-2 mosquitoes (HUGEEE ones) on my legs. I've seriously never had it this bad. The bite was tiny but the swelling was reaaaaally bad.
-Survived "Hurricane" Irene. I put hurricane in quotes because by the time it reached NYC, it was a tropical storm. Still quite serious and I hope everyone in the East Coast was okay! I also witnessed the shutting down of the MTA for the first time!
-Survived an earthquake.
-Started classes.
-Shopped for books!

This semester I only have classes three days a week but my days are generally longer and I'm only doing 15 credits. I originally signed up for 18 but my class was cancelled because not enough people signed up for it! Apparently only 7 people registered while at least 15 students are required so that kind of sucks :(

My classes seem rather difficult as well. It's going to be a tough semester but I think if I manage my time well, it might just work out!

What else... oh, yesterday I read an article about how a subway rat bit a lady's toe while she was waiting for her train. So gross >:( The rat infestation in NYC train stations are soo disgusting. They are... HUGE. Ugh. Watch out for a post on Tuesday, I will be take a picture of the train station to show you guys!

To wrap things up, my latest purchases! Do let me know what you guys think!

My Beauty Diary Mask - Black Pearl.
I really do love these. Have you ever tried these?! In fact, for my next "Junk Food Game", I'm going to let the winners try these out for themselves.

Went to Sephora. (Left to right)
-Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (in Sand) ($19.50) <- I sort of cannot believe I bought this. Why didn't anyone stop meeee?
-Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner. ($10)
-The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ($9)
-VIB box with goodies! Funny story is, I'm not even a VIB! The lady who helped me gave it to me for free :) Apparently they had an event thing, and there were a few boxes left over. So kind!
And what's inside this box, you ask?

Deluxe samples of brands I love!

(left to right)
Nars foundation primer
Phyto hair... mask? sort of thing
Benefit - Ring My Bella perfume sample
Laura Mercier Mascara
Tokidoki perfume sample
Stila - lip stain
Philosophy - Miracle moisturizer.

There was actually another sample called Brazilian Peel? But I gave it to my mama hehe.

Tell me how you guys are doing! I missed blogging, haha :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love your city

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates! I finished summer classes, got my grades, never seeing those people again, and started hanging out with my friends again.

Today I hung out with my friend in the city and had ramen, ramen that was $16 rofl. We got one a split it :) Did some shopping but only ended up getting things for my mom. Overall, it was a great day but I wore my new shoes out and it hurt my feet quite a bit. I just took a shower and as soon as the water hit my feet, I felt waves of stinging sensations lol.

Anyway, for some odd reason, I feel that some people want to "get away" or "move" from where they live. Common examples are: "oh, I want to live in France!", "I'd love to live in LA", "Anywhere in Europe is better than where I live now". But I feel that where we lived the longest is where our hearts are most comfortable at, if that makes sense. Sure it's nice to go on vacation once in a while or study abroad but permanently moving just seems a little sad. Today's post is dedicated to my favorite city: The Big Apple!

3 Reasons why I love NY:
- The city really never sleeps. I don't know that many cities that offer almost 24 hours of public transportation.
- People from literally ALL over the world live here :)
- Lots of crazy (but funny) people live here too! Kind of an "only in New York" kind of thing.

^Central Park - Fall 2010

^7th Ave - Summer 2010

^Summer 2010

^Seaport - Spring 2011

Your turn! Tell me about your favorite city!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I can't do it anymore!

Today we gave a presentation. I told my partner (from my previous post) that the word "peligroso" means "dangerous" repetitively since last Thursday. Our professor asked my partner what the word peligroso meant. She said "book". Oh my goodness. I just can't do it anymore, thank GOD classes end tomorrow -_- BOOK?!?!? BOOOOOOK?!?! T_T

Sorry for all the *#($*#&$*(, I can't help it sometimes. And it's not very nice to talk about someone like this through the internet but I need SOMEWHERE to vent.

Aside from that, today's post will be a review/NOTD post.

Laura Mercier - Secret Camouflage *this is a concealer :) $28 - sephora.

This isn't mine, I bought this for my mom because she used to use Clinique's City Stick as her concealer but they discontinued it! So she was so sad so I bought this for her to try out. Basically the right side is a correcter and the left is the concealer. The packaging is pretty neat, it came with a Styrofoam inside between the make up and the mirror.

This is ideal for older women with wrinkles and lines. The downside is, with the City Stick, she could basically just apply it wherever but now she has to use a brush or her fingers. Also, the price is pretty steep but even the City Stick was a tad too expensive, nor did it last too long. The upside is, this will probably last forever!

You apply the right side first, then the left to conceal everything and hold it in place :) I'm pretty sure she's enjoying this but it's not as great as the City Stick. After this one, I'm going to buy her Bobbi Brown's concealer stick thingy, the only problem is that they don't have my mom's EXACT shade. Must do some more researching.

NOTD - Ok. I seriously hate it when I decide "oh today I'm just going to play around with some nail polish" and totally end up liking what I did even though I wasn't planning on it! I was playing around with my grey and navy polishes before and I didn't clean up very nicely as I wasn't planning on keeping this. Now I like it but it looks messy ;(

Then when I sit down to actually "do my nails" it comes out ugly. Thank you, life.

I messed up mostly on my index and ring fingers. The tip on my index finger is too wide while the one on my ring finger is crooked :( but overall, I really like the way it looks :) Some minor chipping because I took these photos today (did them 3 days ago).

That's all for today OH AND stay tuned for another "guess this junk food" post :P

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rant: Snobby or Incompetent

Warning: today's post will be boring and mean.

You know, I always liked nice and sweet people. I try my best to be one too. But two people have been getting on my nerves lately and quite frankly, I don't like either.

At school: Ok. So there's this one girl who I'm paired up with and she's the really shy/quite/nice type. I'm totally okay with her except she is really, really, really dependent on me. Even if it's pair work, each of us should be responsible for a portion of the work. Instead she asks me "this is right, right?" after every sentence she writes. EVERY.SINGLE.SENTENCE. So while all the other people left, we were still far behind and ended up staying later after class (and I had work right after that specific day). Not only that but when we were brainstorming ideas, she comes up with ideas that didn't fit the criteria at all and she kept laughing because she thought she was funny. What? First of all, that wasn't funny at all. Secondly, we were working at a much slower rate because she kept asking me if she was right each time (and she wasn't, I had to fix her stuff each time). Lastly, her pronunciation is HORRIBLE. I know she can't help it but really, like, this is an advanced class... how the heck did she get here with her pronunciation? And we have to give a presentation as well, she's all like "oh huhuhuhhhh I'm so nervous I'm not going to say anything you say everything". I sure as hell am not doing everything, I can't stand her anymore!

At work: Ok at work I face a different girl. She does her work very well and even if she doesn't know how to do something, she will learn from watching over your shoulders as opposed to asking you if she's right every step of the way. But she's definitely a snob. Not particularly to me, but to my other co-workers. I understand she drives a mercedes and that she goes to an expensive university because her parents can afford it (personally not worth it for undergrad, IMO). I GET IT. WE ALL GET IT. Apparently she's only there for the "experience" as opposed to us who actually need this job. Also, I have a co-worker who brings in those Entenmann's donuts from the supermarket and she said her mom doesn't let her eat "those kinds of foods" except she ate a brownie from Starbucks the following Tuesday. Lol. Then my co-worker was showing us a NY&Co watch she got on sale and we were saying how it's a good value and really cute. She overheard us and asked "but don't cheap stuff like that tarnish easily?". Obviously she wouldn't know, wearing her Burberry watch.

So, tell me. A well-working but snobby worker or a shy and sweet but incompetent worker?

cutephotothatexplainshowIfeel is not mine :) credits to owner.
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