Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get to know me!

Hi hi hi!
So I wasn't tagged to do this or anything but it came across my mind that people here know very little about it. Nothing wrong with that I guess, but I just wanted to do a "about me" kind of post.

I came up with 10 random facts about me, hopefully this isn't too boring!

10. I live with a 4 year old yorkshire terrier. She was my 15th birthday present from my parents :) Lol I also have people accuse me of "not thinking of pets living in shelters" because of this. This isn't true at all. My old dog was a pit bull terrier mix, which we adopted from the shelter in the city. But Boga died when she was 9 =(, I only had her for 4 years. I tend to like female dogs more than male dogs though :x

09. I'm currently 18 years old, turning 19 in less than a month but people still ask me if I'm 13 LOL.

08. I am a boring librarian. Lol, I work at the library and it gets so boring =( But I do get work done and I feel like I'm paid to do this! lol.

07. I am on a full ride for college -- believe it or not, this helps out my parents a lot! I'm super glad they don't have to stress them out over this. I didn't always have good grades, especially in high school but I got my act together the middle of sophomore year. High school was also the years my parents were most worried about me and my academic future (especially during the first - second years), but I think I turned out okay. I'm afraid of going downhill though, I want to avoid it at all costs.

06. I am double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with a possible minor in English or Sociology. Haven't declared the minor yet.

05. I.Hate.Hair. OH MY GOODNESS. LOL. If it were normal for women to go around bald, I would. I have a cream-ish color bathroom floor and it drives me crazy when I see strands of (my own) hair on the floor. Because of the color, the hair strands stand out and even if I'm running late in the morning, I will be there picking up each strand ending up more late.

04. I'm only 5'1. Lol, I get teased about my height all the time and I think it adds onto the fact that people think I'm 13. I really don't like being short and it's also the "one thing I'd like to change about myself" kind of thing for me.

03. I am obsessed with bags and wallets. Can't ever have enough. End of story.

02. I am an only child technically. But my dog is my sister!

01. I love the color red. My cup is red, my iPod Touch case is red, my wallet is sometimes red, my blackberry cover is sometimes red, my ear buds are red, my id holder is red. Red, red, red! Oh and my blog is pretty red!

So, that's about it. Some random facts here and there :p I'm going to do a personality post soon as well, I hope. I also hope this wasn't too boring. Do any of you wish your height was different?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Collective haul post/Review, *yawn*

Long time no update! I actually have SIX draft posts that have yet to be submitted. Don't know when I'll get to finishing those posts... But I'm getting there! Today's post is kind of for my own good, I just wanted to uh keep myself updated on the things I purchased lately. No clothes today though, that's for another day.

Mac - Pro Longwear Concealer (NC20) : ~$17 I was afraid it'd be too dark but it's actually a pretty good match. I usually go most days with just this concealer now.

Konad booth at the mall - Stamper/Scrapper and plate! : $16 together (RIPPPP OFFFFF) so I was about to leave because I know they sell the stamper/scrapper for like $5-6 on amazon + $3-4 for plates so I was like neverminddd. But the sales lady stopped me and told me $12 so I said fine :p I need to buy the konad polishes though. But my ELF polishes have been doing a terrific (and surprising loll) job. Pictures soon!

Claire's - Jolly Rancher & Mountain Dew Lip Balms (Both Cherry flavored). ~$3 but it was buy one get one! So $1.50 each.
Aren't these adorable!? Especially the Mountain Dew one! I've seen these around since forever but I've never tried them before! I haven't used the Jolly Rancher one yet but the Mountain Dew one smells SOOO good and tastes really good too. I was VERY surprised by the moisture. I applied it around 11PM and it lasted till about 8AM which most lip balms sadly don't do for me. Even the more expensive ones! So I was VERY pleased with these. Well, only the Mountain Dew one for now. I've decided I'd collect them from now on =)

I suppose a downside to these is that they're quite bulky, especially the Jolly Rancher one. But nothing like the EOS kinds, I don't think I'm ever repurchasing those because the closer you get to the bottom, the harder it is to use!

So cute right?!

I think it's KINDDDD of very lightly tinted. Not as tinted as my Nivea lip balm but that one is supposed to be tinted so... this one still wins. This cherry smells so much better than the Nivea cherry I own.

My small collection of lip balms. I don't use lip stick yet because I don't really like them and I only own two lip glosses, both from Clinique and I rarely use those.

Stila for J.Crew - Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream (Camellia) : $17.99 but I got it for $4.99 cause it was on sale. Long story short, I bought a whole bunch of clothes at J.Crew because the one in the city had a huge discount and I saw these at the register so I grabbed one and jokingly asked if these were on sale too and to my surprise, it was on sale! Really cheap huh? That wasn't a short story at all, sorry LOL.

Surprisingly good pictures lol, yay! Color is extremely true to picture. I absolutely LOVE this color. On my lips, it's the perfect shade! lol. It's not too nude or too pink or too brown. I can't explain it, so here's a swatch:

Excuse the mark my bracelet made hehe. The texture is very creamy and light. Therefore it blends very easily and I don't even think you need to use a lot of product. A teeny bit on my pinky covers my lips perfectly. Clean hands, don't worry. I don't think I'll use this on my cheeks though, I don't use blush or bronzer as it is and it's far too creamy for my cheeks. I'm afraid I'll break out or something, that's not a chance I'm willing to take. But it's supposed to function as a dual kind of thing so I'm sure it works fine as that too. Kind of like the Benetint, no?

I saw Essie nail polishes at J.Crew as well but those weren't on sale so I didn't get them. I really wanted this shade of green though, maybe next time!

Wet n' Wild - Color Icon (Walking on Eggshells, Sweet as Candy) : ~$3.50 each
I think I read on loveFEMME's blog about these and that she liked them. So I researched a little more and found out it's almost everyone's favorite! Glad I hopped on the bandwagon, I really love these colors. They look similar but they're actually pretty different when applied. I actually did take a swatch picture but the lighting was so bad today my camera didn't pick them up accurately at all :( I wish they had matte colors though! I mean it's not REALLY shimmery but it's not matte either, it's hard finding a good set of mattes!

Olay PRO x - Replacement Brush Heads : $10 each.
Okay, seriously WHAT the heck. 1) I got so excited because I thought I could use the $2 off on the spot but it was for the cleanser (buy the replacement brush, $2 off the Olay cleanser) and 2) I own the Olay PRO x cleanser thingy (similar to Clarisonic) and I used my brush for about 6 months (3 months over the recommended usage per brush but mine lasted a good 6 months!). I only needed one new brush but I didn't want them to be out of stock like last time and search the entire neighborhood for these replacements so I bought two boxes. I open it and I see this:

.. two in each box x_x no wonder, it made no sense to me that a single replacement brush was $10. I wish they indicated that TWO brushes are inside the box, as far as I read, there is NO indication of that. So if you're going to buy these, don't spend an extra $10 to "stock up" when it isn't necessary -_- By the way, I tried last night and these brushes are totally workable without the cleansing system. Just wrap your hands around the bottom and scrub gently! Just incase you don't want to fork out the money for the cleansing system.

Close ups of the brush:

It's pretty neat. I didn't notice before but the bristles aren't as clean cut (?) as the Clarisonic brushes (mine are sticking out in general) while the Clarisonic brushes look more tamed? But I mean it's 1/8 of the price practically. And here's a secret! DO NOT BUY THE CLEANSER SYSTEM AT RETAIL PRICE! (~$30) I bought mine <$20 I think because Olay products were on sale at CVS (even if it says that it's excluding the PRO x line, ask the cashier. Sometimes they just do it for you anyway) and if you have other coupons (extra bucks or whatever) use them!! Don't let them go to waste. There is no reason for you to buy these at retail, unless you can't wait for sales which I understand, I'm like that too sometimes!

Confetti - Nail Polish (Party Palace Blue, Moon Struck) : $2 each.
Doesn't the Party Palace Blue one remind you a teeny bit of OPI Last Friday Night? Maybe it's because they're both blue and sparkly, I was reminded a little bit of it. But I checked closely and the OPI Last Friday Night is so much prettier than this! But I like sparkly nail polish so I'm probably using these too. I don't really like Confetti nail polishes but I can't resist pretty colors. I think Moon Struck is quite lovely! Kind of casual and not in your face, lol.

That's it for today, a post tomorrow is promised.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

When is it too old for braces?

So lately, my teeth have been bothering me like crazy. I don't even want to post up a picture of my teeth alone, but I do have some pictures and I will EXPLAIN what it's like.

When I was 6 years old, my second tooth on the top was loose so my mom took me to the dentist. My dentist had to remove 2 of my teeth on the top because there was little room for my other tooth to grow. So I left with three missing teeth. I was told I needed braces as well but I saw my cousins who had braces and they ALWAYS had a bleeding gums or something and always need to put some kind of wax to prevent the skin inside their mouth from bleeding. So basically I never got braces and now I regret it.

I don't have an overbite, but my teeth are misaligned. The center of your lips should be aligned to the center of your two front teeth. But for me, the center of my lips is where my left front tooth is. And I have have these awkward gaps between my upper teeth. Pictures below!

bad eyebrows, bad picture :( But that's a story for another day.

Nobody can tell my misaligned teeth unless I point it out and some people still don't notice after I do. BUT I NOTICE! I see it when I smile (thank goodness I don't smile widely). But I'm already in college and I feel braces should be for like those awkward middle school years. Should I go for invisalign instead? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure invisalign won't fix this (I did some research). Or should I just leave it alone?.. It's pretty costly as well which I can't let my parents pay for but I know my part time paychecks can't pay half of it off lol. Am I too old for braces?
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