Monday, February 21, 2011

Yeppeunsonyuh & Recent Purcahses (Long post ahead!)

First and foremost: *Thank you for the recent follows. I'll follow back~

How I missed you, blog! It's been 10+ days since I last updated and now I'm going to make sure I post something at least every three days. School definitely takes a toll on my time and I started working out so there goes my blog time, haha. I think I'm really... bad at doing reviews but I'm going to keep doing them so I get better aha :p YAY FOR NO MORE SHOPPING BAN. :P
Secondly, I'd like to share a website called ("yeppeunsonyuh" means pretty girl) and the store owner is also a soompi member. For the past two years(?) I've bought from her and they get to me within 3 days without fail. But that's probably because we live in the same state but regardless -- you WILL get your purchase within a week, if you reside in the US. Plus her prices are VERY reasonable. I wear normal contacts and I personally don't really like circle lenses but if you want to try it, DEFINITELY try her out! Here's my latest purchase from her:

Braided hairband
(Credit: Yeppeunsonyuh)

My photo. As you can see, it's very shiny/glossy (it looks real!) and luckily it's my hair shade! I've been watching "My Princess" lately and I love how Kim Tae Hee had her hair braided pretty often in the beginning but I don't have that kind of time in the morning. Now I just wear this baby everywhere I go LOL. This was for $12.49 which is reasonable considering how expensive some things from Korea are here in the US. There's a thinner version for cheaper, I think. Plus the ends kind of wrap behind your ear (at least for me) so it's really impossible to tell that it's actually a hair band!

Green tassel phone charm: I think this was $8ish and I normally never spend that much money on phone charms but I couldn't resist this one. It's actually pretty bulky (I LOVE BULKY THINGS!) and it's from the Korean website: It's like a faux leather... kind of material. SO CUTE! I don't want to use it yet though, not sure if I want to wait until my next phone to use it lol :p I wish they had a red one :( My blackberry cover is red so I'd really use it now if it.

I also got Etude eyelid tape but it wasn't for me so I can't really review it. But it was well packaged and my friend says it's comparable to the eyecharm ones.

Thirdly, Macy's! I pass by a Macy's everyday now so I get tempted to go inside every time. I went in everyday since Monday LOL. And I never left empty handed.

Clinique: ~$34 together. Clinique is the only skincare line I use on my face, I have very fair complexion and sensitive skin, dry -- yet acne prone. I love Clinique's acne solution line EXCEPT for the moisturizer. Stuff dries me out SOOOOOOOO much I can't move my face for hours after I use it. It works well though. Just too painful for me. So I use steps 1, 2 and the DDM (gel -- no oil) and it works like a charm every time. I wish I had gotten the pump for the DDM but... yeah I've been spending way too much money.

Material Girl(?): Not a brand I'm familiar with but that doesn't mean I won't buy it if it's cute! Love the zipper on the back but it's not really true to size. But it was on clearance ($11) and I couldn't resist. There are studs.. and I don't know how I feel about them. I mean, I like them but I just can't "rock" it. Lol, tough luck for me! Can't wait till the weather warms up so I can wear it :) The material is very light and soft so it'll be perfect for summer. I don't know why but I don't like wearing revealing things even in the midst of 100 degree weather. I need shirts like this to get by NY humidity.

Random brand that I don't know again: This was also on clearance ($13) and it's adorable :) The back is really interesting and the sleeves are folded about an inch and have buttons. Love the pocket in the front and I love the price! I got the shirt above on Monday and this one on Tuesday LOL :( I'm going to stop, I promise! I kind of like this shirt more than the one above because of the sleeves, my favorite style. It's a little bit sheer though, but I don't think it shows anything.

*stock photos

My photo. Obviously my camera and lights hate me. It looks exactly like the stock photos though~

$7. Retails $25. So as I posted before, I love bags. LOVE THEM I CAN'T EVER HAVE ENOUGH OF THEM! D:" This was so cute I couldn't pass it up. End of story. It's small and crossbody and ugh just so CUTE!

$25 so cute as well. Lawl, the back is higher than it looks. I appreciate the extra 4-5 inches. I love ruffles and bows so this was too cute to pass up as well. Sucks for my wallet, I have $6 to use until next Monday. LOL The only flaw I can find on these were that they're not very true to color :| I expended a lighter shade of grey but that's alright, grey is still grey (plus my lighting isn't that good).

Lastly, I'm tired. So tired. I slept two hours yesterday. POOPPED, I''m going to sleep at 8. So excited about my packages though ahah :p

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My life in the past week & lovefemme's give away!

^ sorry, I pressed 'enter' and it published right away UGH. and I don't know how to delete posts LOL.

First thing is first, my first follower (hehe) and a blogger I love to read, lovefemme: is having a give away! Now I know I don't have that many followers but I know some people pass by my blog so I wanted to post this up to let you guys know! So if you're a Katy Perry fan or a nail polish fan, be sure to check it out (and of course the rest of her blog -- promise it's worth your time).

And secondly, my life! It's been a tough two weeks, commuting 3 hours a day is not a piece of cake. But I try to enjoy each part of it =) Except when I saw poo on the staircase up during my commute... not pleasant at ALL. So gross ;_; I was going to have my granola bar on the next train but um, yeah that certainly made me want to avoid food for like, ever.

My Ancient Philosophy class feels so long ;_; It's not that it's boring but it's just that it's when I'm MOST tired during the week. Last class, last day. Ugh, I must have dozed off like ten times during that class. Kill meeeee! My profs are really neat though, just a LOOOOT of reading. *Which I must start as soon as I finish this, as always my blog comes first!*

And lastly, purchases and my free Zoyas!

Olay PRO x cleanser: Okay, so I owned the Clarisonic Mia and it broke. Of course, after the warranty. I'm in college, I'm broke! So I decided to settle with this instead (I actually went through 7 drug stores looking for it) and it's wonderful. The brush is just right and it's about 1/10 the price of a Clarisonic. A dupe? Possibly, possibly better. But it's unfortunate that this is battery operated, as in you have to change batteries when they die. Can't just charrrrge it! It also came with a same of Olay Pro X exfoliating renewal cleanser. I haven't test it yet buttttt... I will and I will probably review on it later! Please keep your fingers crossed so that I don't break out :(

Revlon Eyelash Curler: Now, unlike lots of other Asian girls that *think* they have short eye lashes, I, on the hand, have quite long ones. But it's also quite flat so I was looking around for a good eyelash curler and found it! It's beautiful. Simple (love the color) and cheap. It's pretty good. I will post pictures later when I remember/use it. Heh.

Milani 3D (Holographic) Nail Lacquer: Pricey for drug store ($6) but $5 w/ card! It's soo shiny *_* I only did one swatch so far so expect pictures on my next post! It glides on SO softly and stuff. Ugh, I'm going to get one of each color, I swear!

(left to right: Charlize, Brizia, Piper)

And my free Zoyas! Three colors I don't own yet (along with probably.. a lot) and they're beautiful! My favorite one is the Piper. Such a delicate but impressive shade of pink! They took a month to send it to me, but it's all good because it's well worth the wait. I like how the brush is pretty medium sized I think, I have small nails so about 1 swipe covers everything. Honestly, the texture is not too watery (which Revlon is for me) so I think I'll be purchasing from them soon!

My doggy is sick so no pictures :"( please pray for her!

Have a good weekend! See you (hopefully) soon (if I don't die from schoolwork) !

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eating Habits

*I did not take this photo, credits to owner!

Hi guys! I actually have another package that came in but I'm saving that for another day. What I'm interested in today is: your eating habits! What do you usually eat?

I, for one, do not purposely only eat healthy foods -- I eat healthy foods if it tastes good in my mouth (for example, I don't eat broccoli no matter how healthy it is) but I mean, I do try to avoid foods like chips and fast food because I know that it's really unhealthy. And they make me feel weird after I eat it. So I'll have an occasional McDonalds or a small bag of chips but I always see so mannnnnnnnny skinny skinny skinny girls (00-0) and I always wonder what they eat... I'm sure metabolism comes into play but I'm pretty sure that's not all of it.

I usually have 2-3 meals a day. My diet consists most of brown rice because white rice is actually really unhealthy for you. So I have 1/2-3/4 of a bowl of brown rice in the morning, a full bowl for lunch and half an optional half bowl for dinner w/ side dishes. I think it's the only way I can maintain my health ._.

So, how are your meals like?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hah! updated: AE & LIFE.

Hello :)
I started school yesterday and yeah, college is tough. Lol, my schedule is pretty easy though. Mondays I'm out by 10:45, Tuesdays and Wednesday by 3:30, Thursdays by 6:00 and no classes Fridays. Three day weekends really rock :) I really hope I can maintain my 3.7 and go upwards only! I really hope so...

Okay, so here's an "Only in NYC" story. I am a commuter since I go to school in the city so I see all sorts of weird things on the subway. Today I was lucky enough to witness a (huge) grown man wearing animals all over. He was wearing a pure white mink coat with black leather leggings and snakeskin shoes. There were no more seats (I was sitting) so he hoovered over me. He grabbed the pole but he stared at it all grossed out and took out a wetwipe and wiped the entire pole and his hands. Everyone glanced at him at least ten times except me because he was hoovering over me and I was scared he'd be all "Girl, what are YOU looking at" so I looked in a different direction. Only in New York City.

Anyway, onto the purchase! So I know I said I'm on a shopping ban but these were from before my shopping ban! AE had a clearance sale and I snagged many items. I wear between a small and a medium so I was so scared that all the sizes would be like an XS or XL. Luckily, I was early enough to find them in my sizes muahaha. I got too tired to take the pictures myself (horray, school!)

$10.46 - I expected the material to be smooth with no texture. Instead, it kind of has the texture of a thermal, but a very thin one. I like it very much overall, especially the pocket and buttons. Plus, it's relatively long :)

$13.96 - I love AE cardigans that are like this :) It's so warm and cozyyy. It makes me sleepy so I don't know if I'll be wearing it to school!

$10.46 - This was a more necessary purchase because well, I have no shirts I can layer with. So it is kind of expensive for a single piece of shirt (given I got a sweater for the same price) but it's alright. Super thin but not sheer so it's good to go.

$6.96 - Bought it because it was cheap and I liked the design. The problem I have with women's v-necks are that they're very low so I have to wear a shirt underneath. This one isn't that low but I'll have to see...

$6.96 - OMG. I knew I had to buy it when I first saw it but I'm never buying a cami for $30+. That is crazy talk. SO GLAD I GOT THIS! The outside material isn't the kind I like, it's kind of .. rough? But the inside is soo soft it makes up for it.

$6.96 - I didn't see this in stores but it was so cheap I couldn't pass by. I kind of wish I didn't get it because I have a cami in the same exact pink from AE but I don't own much floral so I decided to keep it.

I also got these jeans that weren't on sale but I returned them because it was too expensive for average quality :| $69.95 for a pair of jeans I knew wouldn't last more than a year, even if I wear it sparingly. So yeah :) That is all. Love me my sales!
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