Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey guys, long time no blog! I actually sign on every day, read blogs and sign out. I stopped commenting for a while too. I was deciding on whether or not I wanted to keep my blog, I feel like some how it became "what did I buy recently" kind of blog which was not what I was aiming for (I'm going to do that anyway for the people who do not read LOL). I mean, I am a full time student and stuff, I know that's not an excuse but I know for sure that most people don't take 3 hours to get to school/come home (in total but that's still a lot) so, physically I am drained when I come home. I don't just transfer from train to train, I walk a few blocks back and forth for it and I don't know, I don't think I'm too absurd for being tired all the time lol. But I felt sad to leave so I decided to give it another go.

Finished first year of college! It was so much work.. all I remember is doing work but it was great meeting new people. I started a little notebook to write about stuff on the subway, I'm telling you!! NYC subways are the craziest and dirtiest places to be LOL. I'd take pictures of the gross stuff but it'd make everyone scream =( HEY but maybe I will... let me know what you think :p

Lately for breakfast I've been having only an apple and like I said, since I walk around a lot I guess I burn it off easily lol. So I felt kind of dizzy so I decided to have a hearty meal for breakfast from now on. I don't really do anything special to work out but it seems all the walking made me drop two pants sizes. I wore a 3 for juniors or a 4 for women but I'm pretty much a 0-2 now lol. My first year too!

I know I'm like, I don't know, ALWAYS saying this but... I WILL POST TOMORROW. Even if it's the death of me lol!

blahhhh doctor visit tmrw though :( BLAAAAAAAAH.

Semi-old picture of my dog and I! I miss our old backyard, whatever you can see in this picture =(

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  1. Girl you are TINY! I wish I could drop pants size easily! And I'm on the same page with you about blogging, love doing it but real life is so time consuming.

    Do take photos of your journey to and from school, that would be cool to see. I can't imagine a 3 hour commute but walking and subway no less, you poor thing but props that you are diligent to make such a journey to get your education :)

    PS Aww you and the pup are so adorable!!


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