Monday, April 18, 2011


I lied, that wasn't really soon :( Sorry about that. But I promise an entry once everyday or every other day because now I'm REALLY settled in.

So here are my updates about life:
-I moved! which would help explain the long unofficially declared hiatus.
-I cut my hair :p Pictures soon? Maybe tomorrow?
-Vacation started :) A long needed one..
-Time to register for summer classes T_T
-Getting to know the neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood, my neighbor is a total jerk :( How do you guys deal with jerks in general?... My take on it was to actually not deal with them at all, but what do you do when the problem gets out of hand?

Anyway, on to the happy stuff. I just want to add rightttt here that I missed blogging so much!

Before moving, I bought a few bottles of nail polishes:

Just pictures today because I wanted to show the colors. More exact ones will be posted tomorrow. Just letting you guys know that I'm back and rolling :)

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