Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunny day but not in a good mood.

I don't know if any of you guys have done a meet up with a seller before, because when I'm selling something and I have to meet up at 11, I will be there by 11:10 latest. I feel awfully apologetic when I'm late but apparently, only I feel this way. I had a meet up with a girl (I was the buyer) and I basically waited 50 minutes for her. Turns out that she had facebook msged me about being 20-30 minutes late but that makes no sense to me either. Why couldn't she just text me in the first place this way she's sure that I read it? Either way, she was 20 minutes late on TOP of the 30 minutes she said -_- so I waited 50 minutes for her. She came and said "I'll be there in 2 minutes" but I left anyway lol. And I called a dozen times before too, if she picked up ONE call out of the dozen I would have waited longer. Ugh, ending rant here.

Here are the pictures of the nail polish from the previous post. I really like this new beauty supply store I found, they have really cheap prices because another beauty supply store is across the street so their prices are always rock bottom.

ABSOLUTE: Okay, these polishes were only 1.50 per bottle and really cheap. They had all sorts of colors but they came out with a pastel line (I'm assuming for spring) and the colors were so delicate I couldn't go past them! The brushes are surprisingly nice and so is the texture. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised but it wasn't quite OPI quality either. The consistency was very watery, which is okay for me because I like them like so. But they do not chip and their quality is much better than ELF (based on price) plus no awkward packaging like ELF. One thing I did not like though, was that because it's so watery, I needed to do many applications (around 3-4) to get full color. Usually, 2 coats are enough for me. Final Rating: 3/5 (+1 for color, +1 for price, +1 for packaging, -1 for consistency, -1 for application)

This one actually was not a part of the spring line but I thought the sparkles were amazing! I know it looks golden in the picture but it applies clear with sparkles that seem holographic. I haven't been able to pair it up with any color though. I'm thinking it'll look nice with a black polish underneath but it's too sunny for a black manicure IMO, lol.

CONFETTI: These were $2 per bottle and the consistency isn't as watery as the ones above. However, they do chip easily and they take FOREVER drying! Is it just me?? It doesn't matter if you use a base coat and a top coat. These like to chip away like there's no tomorrow. And for some reason, they have this odd smell when drying. It's not really bad or anything but I've never had this happen to me. I do like the brushes for these more than the Absolute ones. Very nice colors though. Final Rating: 2.5/5 (+1 for color, +0.5 for price, +1 for brush, -1 for chipping, -1 for smell.) Price is only +0.5 because while $2 IS cheap, it wasn't worth $2.

I also bought nail stickers but I don't know how I'm going to use them. The ones below are my favorite but I probably have to cut them to use them :( The smallest sticker is still too big for my thumb (see below). The width of my pinky is just about HALF a CENTIMETER. LOL. Tiny nails :( It's so hard to play around with them. But I really like these stickers either way.

I thought these were so cute! I already used a few, wish I took pictures before using them. They're 3D and really sticky but I wish that the rhinestones for the hearts were on the other side of the heart. Still cute though, esp. the bows :)

S'all for today, happy almost end of the week: not that it matters for me :P


  1. wow i'm sorry about that girl :( i hate it when people are late! most of my friends are good about being on time, but i have a couple of friends who are ALWAYS late. one of my best friends once made me wait for a whole hour because she "had to take a shower and straighten her hair". we were going to the one is going to be looking at your hair in the dark! plus it's just inconsiderate.

    on another note, the nail polish stickers are so cute! i especailly love the sparkly ones :)

  2. Oh~ love those glitter polishes and maybe try growing your nails out so you dont have to cut the nail stickers? :( it'd be a shame to cut them

    As for that seller... I feel your anger literally.. but 10x worse
    I could go on and on about this buyer I had once, but long story short.
    It took her 3 meetups to finally pay for 1 item. The first time she was 50mins late and didn't bother to even text me and when she finally came she snatched her items and only gave me some of the money saying she'll pay me back next time and just left.. <___<"
    The second time she randomly texted me asking me where I was and it turned out I was in the same mall as her, so she told me to go to the store where she was and she'll give me the money. Goes to the store and WHATDOYOUKNOW!? shes not there.. <___<" I texted her and she's like Im coming ~ waited 30mins!! and when she came she didn't even give me the full amount.
    Then finally on the third meetup she said to meet up at 3pm at the mall and she didn't come till 5:30!!! and she didn't even text me saying she was late. I had to text her and her friend texted me back saying "Shes in Dandenong now, she's busy she'll come later." LIKE ERRRRRRGH!!!! It's like it was at the convenience for her and dandenongs bloody far away from the mall!! -_____-'' and when she came she was all like "Hey *doesn't put change properly in my hand and it just flies everywhere" and proceeds to walk away with her friends like I was some random begger.
    At that point I was so angry, I just exploded. She was clearly unaware of how rude she was and unapologetic. Not once had she said sorry!
    and in reply she was like "You should've texted me earlier!" EXCUSE ME?!?! WHEN SOMEONE ESPECIALLY A BUYER GIVES ME A TIME TO MEETUP! I TEND TO MEETUP AT THAT TIME!!! argggh :( I'm sorry for this huge wall of text.

  3. Aw dear so sorry you had such a bad experience, If it was me I would have left after 20 minutes if she didn't bother to pick up my calls. Totally rude and uncalled for on her part!

    Anyways love the pastel polishes you got, I don't really care for brand as well as long as I like the colour, most nail colours take a few applications anyways, some of my OPIs also take 4 coats. Definitely loving all the nail stuff you got, can't wait to see the designs you come up with :)


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