Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Promised MTA pictures :O

Bahhhhhhh I am SWAPMED in school/work/internship work :( I always run on 5 hours of sleep and it is slowly destroying me ;_; but two weeks later, midterms will arrive which ultimately means we are half way through the semester! horray!........... sorta haha.

So you know how I promised I'd show you those MTA pictures.. I finally have them! Only two but it definitely does show how our public transportation looks for the most part. It's MUCH nicer in the nicer parts of Manhattan but I don't usually go there :( I'm just showing you how BAD it can be...

Basically that part is yellow (mostly) because people are supposed to stand behind it. They must stand behind it and spit gum there instead.

^cleaner than usual. I always find empty bottles, empty chips, earrings, gum, food, unrecognizable miscellaneous things, and such. Much cleaner part of the track I guess!

Um... why was throwing away your chewed gum on public property EVER acceptable?! I know in some parts of the world this isn't even allowed :( I wish it weren't allowed here and the police ENFORCED it. I always see people get tickets for passing in between train carts (it's illegal here, not sure about anywhere else). I think this is worse than passing in between carts (less dangerous but so much grosser!).

You can imagine how rats live here...

I have a huge haul post coming up... look out for it ! :D

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