Thursday, September 15, 2011

NOTD & MUA Swap Swatch!

I never keep promises!
:( sorry today isn't Tuesday and I don't have those MTA pictures I promised...
I thought my phone's camera would suffice but the lighting isn't that great so I decided I'd try again next week with my real camera. And there was no entry Tuesday because I took a nap Monday night at 9PM, woke up at 12AM and fell back asleep 5AM. So basically I got NO work done Monday and ended up doing everything Tuesday so I didn't have time to blog :( Long story short, my sleeping pattern was ruined but I fixed it last night :) I went to class today with 9 hours of sleep!

Today's post will be a NOTD & MUA Swap Swatch!

Kind of a strange color. It reminds me a bit of purple aluminum foil and purple cellophane put together. Polishes used:
_Essie's first base base coat (why do they use two bases??)
_Love and Beauty: Purple
_Confetti: Purple Pizzaz
_some random top coat..

I only wanted to use the Purple Pizzaz but I realized it was wayyyy to sheer so I topped it on top of regular purple polish and this is the color I got. I'm on the fence about it but I didn't feel like erasing it.

MUA Swap Swatch!
I loveee makeupalley because you can swap goodies there! :) This was my first swap and it was for my rollerball Jessica Simpson fancy perfume for this gorgeous Stila eyeshadow Trio in Gold Glow.

^generous freebies :)

^swatches - the colors are quite pigmented although I'm not really feeling the middle brown color. Still useable but I've seen better. The other two however, are really pretty in person! I was worried it'd be way too sparkly but I love the frosty-looking finish :)

Ah I'm so hungry ;_; its almost 1AM though! I'm gonna wake up early so I can eat earlier muahaha.

Good night!


  1. I like the nails! It does look like an awesome purple foil effect you got going on there.

    It sucks when your sleep schedule get messed up, definitely hate that feeling of sleeping so much when I could have done something productive, but glad you fixed yours, I'm still trying to fix mine.

  2. love the colour of your nails:)kisses La Folie 


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