Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FOTD & Review: Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB Cream

Hi guys!

So today I will be reviewing the Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB cream. This is available at Sephora but I suggest you take a look at the Dr. Jart website to see what kind of products they offer other than the ones that are sold at Sephora.

The Basics:
-1.7 oz ($34 at Sephora, slightly different product for $42 on the Dr. Jart website)
-SPF 25 PA++
-Oil free
-Made with 50% water
-One shade
-Made in Korea

Immediately, I'm sure the price can make some feel uneasy but this is not a product anyone should be using a lot of.  You do not need a lot of this to cover your imperfections.  That being said, no, it is definitely not as cheap as the ones you can find in drugstores but I strongly believe this BB cream is worth every penny.

The Good:
I think this is most ideal for people with normal to dry skin. I've heard it works well for oily skin too, but you have to use some powder/blot every few hours. The finish is dewy, your face will look plump and 'glowy'. When I'm wearing a "full face" of makeup, I start out with this BB cream, apply some blush and mascara, then I'm good to go! I also like that this product has SPF 25. I use a teeny bit (and I'll explain later why) and blend, blend, blend! Ta-da! Most of my imperfections are gone! I'm not too crazy about concealing EVERY single blemish so even the ones that still peek through after applying this, I leave alone because there is enough coverage.  I love that it's oil-free but not drying for my face.  This is probably the main reason why this product could also work for oily skin. There is also a scent, nothing overwhelming, but it's slightly floral (kind of reminds me of my serum but not as strong as my serum).  It's a pleasant smell and it does not linger for me.

The Bad:
Okay. Great product. Everyone should be able to use it, right?
Unfortunately not, as this product only comes in one shade. If you are very fair or very dark, you will not be able to use this product without looking a bit 'off'.  I am on the lighter side and using too much of this will make my face face look darker than it is.  But it is absolutely fine because I only need a thin layer of this and I'm good to go.  I noticed that the more layers I put on, it made me look darker. So I can't really say this is "buildable" (unless you are exactly this shade) but I don't think it's something you really need to build!

Here is how the one from Sephora looks.

What they say. 

This is the consistency.
It feels cool, literally, and it feels moist. I can't quite describe it but it's almost as if I feel water droplets.
The consistency is almost putty-like, sort of a cross between pudding.. and cream?? 
Man, I really am not good at this.
In other words..
It feels nice! 

Semi blended
As you can see, it is too dark for my pale forearm before being blended. 

But after much blending, it's hard to tell it's really that much darker! 

...And I leave you with a FOTD! I tried to stand as close to natural light to show you guys how this looks on me and I think this pretty much looks like my own skin. As you can see, some of my imperfections peek through (especially my right cheek) but I personally think this is good enough. Unless it's for something really important, I will skip concealer. Like I've said in a previous post, I either wear foundation (or BB cream) OR just concealer but usually never both at the same time.

Ahh I'm dying to try some other Dr. Jart products! Can't wait 'til I'm done with this so I can try another BB cream from their line.

What is your favorite BB cream? Do you like BB creams in general or are you a foundation person?


  1. oh this looks lovely!! But you're right, the price is hefty esp compare to other bb creams, but if it's worth the price, why not? :-D
    I would love to get sample first, to see if they work for me before giving away that amount of money..unfortunately we don't have sephora here in germany. :/

    1. Yup, that's how it goes: if it's worth it then why not?

      That sucks that you guys don't have a sephora there :( I love their samples! Maybe you'll come across a sample of this online or something :o

  2. oo i want to try this one. i've been using the dr. jart silver label for years and i'm loving it! have you tried the black label?

    1. Hmm, nope! This is my first Dr. Jart product but I've heard really good things about them. I'm dying to try out their other products actually!

  3. I've always wanted to try Dr. Jart bb's but like most reviews there is only one shade for their bb's. I've once tried swatching it on the counter and it appears too grayish on me thou the SA told me it'll oxides and blend into my skintone. But I still find it too "grayish" on me. I still prefer foundation over bb's~

    PS: LOLS on trying to describe the consistency we def have the same dilemma on it~ I don't know, its just so hard to explain it and sometimes I just ran out of words~ God, I need to review my vocabulary..hahaha ^_~

    1. hmm, I guess no two skintones are exactly alike! I do get the grey-ness but it fades shortly and changes to a color closest to my skin.

      And yes, I never know how to describe things... even in real life.

  4. Great review! Seems like a good BB cream.

  5. sad thing that im kinda fair..
    bb creams ftw =)


    1. aw, I'm sure there are a lot of bb creams targeted towards fairer skin :D

  6. Oooh it sounds pretty nice! I really want to try the Smashbox one, I hear great things about it. :)

  7. great review!
    the shade looks a little darker than your natural color but it seems to blend in nicely.
    i still prefer conventional foundation for the same reason. ;p

    1. haha, some days a foundation is definitely needed!


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