Friday, September 7, 2012

Beauty Haul

Hi guys! I've been so busy this past week... it was pretty hectic for me! I hope everyone is well :) I now have a blog sale going on, do check it out!

I spent the day with my mom today and I did some damage :( I didn't plan on spending money at all and I spent nearly.. $120! I couldn't resist it. No excuses. My mom wanted to pick something up from the mall and I tagged along to eye shop at Sephora. It ended up being a lot more than that lol. And then we went to the department store so my mom could exchange something. I passed by the Lancome counter and the SA stopped me to tell me about their promotion. If you spend $39 at Lancome, they give you a free 7-piece gift.  The SA was so good at her job, I wanted to buy everything! I wasn't so excited about the promotion but I fell in love with all of their blushes. I couldn't leave without buying one :(

So here is my small beauty haul!

Tokidoki Rollerball Perfume: Siberia ($7)
Tokidoki Rollerball Perfume: Adieu ($7)
Hello Kitty Rollerball Perfume ($7)
Ole  Henriksen: The Naked Truth ($22.50)

Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover ($27)
Blush Subtil: Rose Douceur (it's a peachy-pink) ($30) 

Ahh I couldn't resist the perfumes! They smell so good (fruity lol) and they were on sale! Look at how cute they are! I can always count on Tokidoki and Hello Kitty to have the cutest packaging... I'm probably giving away one of the Tokidoki perfumes. Maybe a small giveaway in the near future! 

Despite the mixed reviews, I always wanted to try some Ole Henriksen products and this kit includes both the truth serum collagen booster and the truth creme advanced hydration moisturizer.  But I am a bit disappointed with the amount of product I get... especially for $22.50! These better be good.. please be good :( 

More interestingly.. my Lancome freebies! 

2 cosmetic pouches
1 High Resolution Refill-3X SPF 15 moisturizer
1 Absolute Premium BX-cream SPF 15 moisturizer
1 Genifique Serum 
1 Blush Subtil in Shimmer Pool Pink
1 Color Design Lipstick
2 Hypnose Mascara
2 Cils Booster XL Mascara Base

These are more than 7 pieces and the SA was very generous with me. I think it's because I said I'd come back and I really did, haha. She told me not to stand her up and I didn't! I also came back with my mom who was wondering where I was and I told her about the promotion. She knew I was hesitating so she told me to purchase everything. The SA gave a few extra things so my mom and I can share them.  I gave my mom the serum, both moisturizers, the lipstick, and the pouch. I kept the mascaras and the blush because she doesn't use them.  I feel like I paid too much for the eye makeup remover but I really do love it so I'm in for a treat. And, well, I will always love blushes so I don't feel that I wasted any money on the blush. I can't wait to review some of these items! I'm very excited to try the blush in Shimmer Pool Pink, I think it's from the same line I bought the full sized blush from. 

Do any of these items tickle your fancy? :) 


  1. the tokidoki and Hello kitty perfumes are seriously too cute >_<
    nice haul!

  2. oh my, so many goodies!
    i need to get some skincare products as well as new makeup for fall.
    those lancome freebies look really nice. the blush color is pretty. ;)

    have a happy weekend!

    1. I hope you blog about them!!
      it is pretty :) can't wait to try 'em out!
      you too!!

  3. Awesome haul! I think Tokidoki is getting discontinued from Sephora? I might have to go snag some of their things soon just bc they're so cute haha. I've heard great things about Lancome's blueshes and especially Rose Douceur! Looking forward to your reviews :)

    1. thanks :D aw man that's so sad because they're stuff are really cute!! go get them now, they're so cheap :D

      I will review them, thanks!

  4. great haul!!
    those tokidoki perfumes are soooo cute! do they smell nice? we don't have tokidoki here :/

    1. thanks!! what a shame but I mean, the quality of their products aren't always mind blowing so you're not missing out on too much!

      and yes they smell splendid, all quite fruity which is a winner in my book!

  5. Sweet haul! Sephora is just full of temptations isn't it. Your Lancome freebies look great and the Tokidoki perfumes are too cute. I might have to stop by Sephora to check them out.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. thank you! they are indeed very cute~

  6. I want the tokidokie perfume!!!!super duper cute ^_~

  7. Oh you got the Hello Kitty and tokidoki spray from Sephora! When I checked out the website, they were sold out. :( Lucky you!... hehe~

    1. aw :( yeah I got really lucky! Some Sephoras don't carry them!


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