Thursday, March 3, 2011

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Mask & Free Coffee!


Aha! Here's the post I promised :) So glad today is Thursday, my weekend begins now. But today I was sad because people are so mean :( Both my bus drivers to and from school... they were so mean! I can't deal with the city life sometimes. A lot of people are cynical New Yorkers and I find myself trying very hard not to become like them. I like being happy!

So I came home to find two things I wasn't expecting. I came home to a deluxe sample of Laneige's Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Mask and Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee Sampler. Ahh both are so exciting!

I used the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Mask tonight to mend my broken heart from mean people today and it made everrrrything better. It actually says "do not eat" because it smells SO good -- better than yogurt since it doesn't have that milk smell. There are microbeads that I don't think show too much on the pictures but it functions as a gentle exfoliate.

So as you can see, there are small brown specks which are the beads. It doesn't really feel as "gel-y" as it looks but it definitely is more heavier than just the plain yogurt you would normally eat but I think it's because of the beads. Still very light and the smell is delightful.

Wash face (do your normal skincare routine) but this is before moisturizing. Many people actually don't know this, so just putting this out there.
Apply a small amount on your hand, about the size of a dime-nickle.
Dab it around your face evenly so that it reaches all of your face.
Massage for a minute until the dead skin falls off.
Rinse face with warm water, moisturize.

It says your skin should feel better by the next morning so I'll see and let you guys know!

I'm not a fan of instant coffee (or coffee in itself) but who can say no to free? I'll probably try these during my all-nighters! haha, there are 6 flavors and a $1 off coupon. I'm going to buy one that tastes the best. The flavors are: Hazelnut, French Roast, 100% Colombian, House Blend, Decaf House Blend, and Vanilla. I'm excited to try these! Pretty neat huh?

That's it for today, folks. Have a good night and TGIF! (TGIT in my case)

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  1. I got the Taster's Choice sampler too, most of them are actually pretty good (for instant coffee).


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