Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Update & OOTD

What the heck?! It's been more than ten days since my last post! Time... really flies. Oh wow.
Well, today was a slightly below average day for me. My bus was delayed 40 minutes and I had this big fat pimple the size of Texas next to my mouth (probably because I've been tired and stressed lately). Thankfully it's gone now ;_; I'm so full right now because I'm on my second bottle of water, trying to fulfill that 1.5 liters we're supposed to drink. I did accomplish it on Monday and my skin was different by Tuesday morning. Much more clearer, I think. But I didn't get to do it yesterday and I ended up with a big fat pimple. Make sure you guys drink your water!

So basically, if you drink the typical 1pt poland spring water (the ones in the eco friendly bottle) -- you should be drinking at least 3 of those bottles to equal 1.5 liters.... that's a lot of water but it's good for you! I normally drink 3/4 of one bottle the entire day :|

But on the brighter note, I printed a $5 off $15 for TGI Fridays and had an early dinner with my mom =) Since their foods are quite fattening, we wanted to eat dinner asap and not eat or drink anything (besides water of course!) afterwards. So we finished eating around 4 and now it's 7:30. Haha, I felt like I was cheating on my diet. Oh well, at least I worked out after! To be honest, I'm hungry again!

Lastly, an OOTD. My next OOTD picture will be of me actually wearing the clothes, lol. Today I took off everything and I was so tired to wear everything again so yeah. Kept it pretty simple because I had school today and had to meet up with someone afterwards. I wore a light jacket outside of this (50 degrees today, baby!) and I was good to go. I wore dark wash AE skinny jeans with these and my dark brown UGG dakotas. I was dressed in brown today lol. Today was a day I wanted to dress up in brown. So yeah. Promise to post tomorrow!

Cardigan - F21 ($12)
Brown Shirt - Macy's ($3)
Bag - PG ($10)
Skinny jeans (not pictured) - AE ($24)
Shoes (not pictured) - UGG ($90)



  1. Ugh, I hate stress pimples! They're the worst :( I need to drink more water, too. I drink a bottle of water each day, which really isn't enough. I'm starting to add lemon slices into my glasses of water to make it seem more appealing :P

  2. Haha I hate those sneaky pimples, they make me feel so self cautious. I like the outfit very coordinated and simple and yes OOTD on you next time miss!

    P.S. Sorry your prize has been taking a while to get to you, I haven't had a chance to send it since I get off work to late but it's coming dear :)

  3. Your blog is so much fun to read ^^

    And may I add, that bag is flipping adorable!!


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