Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF, everyone!

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

I love Fridays because I always go shopping on Fridays. Lol, I have no time otherwise (school, work, school, work work work, school). And thank goodness my shopping ban is over! So today I went shopping at a few places and here are the buys of today. The only thing I didn't get on sale was my hello kitty wristlet but who cares, it's $7.89! I never like buying things for retail unless I HAVEEE to LOL.

Since I already mentioned the hello kitty wristlet,

ta-da! I fell in love with the sparkly bow! It's bigger than my coach wrislet so that's cool. This was definitely an impulse buy because I have no use for it. I mean I do, but it wasn't really necessary. I liked it soo much I couldn't go past it :|

Juicy Couture - $118 -> $74 -> $37 -> $21.73
Every juicy owner loves their juicy sweats because they're so comfortable! I own two but this is my first baby pink one. Of course, being that it's juicy it HAS to be expensive. But I can't afford that so all my juicy things were bought on sale. With that said, I normally paid $50 for my sweats because even that was a steal compared to their $120 price. I love the silver lettering on the left but it's more of velour material than the ones I own (the material reminds me of a really nice towel LOL). Best juicy buy of this year thus far =) I also wanted a juicy locket necklace that was on sale but I didn't get it.

Evelyn Cashmere (100%) - $218 -> $119 -> $79 -> $38.xx
My mom loves the cashmere material because, well, it looks quite elegant without sacrificing warmth. But cashmere is usually very expensive, especially if it's 100%. Well, last time I went and I was going to get it at the $79 price because even that's cheap compared to the $218. But I didn't for some reason and left the store only with my things (and a little bit of guilt). Today I made up for that by buying this :) Of course my mom loves it! They had it in grey but it was ripped. Plus my mom doesn't own much red so =D

Chelsea & Theodore Cashmere (100%) - $238 -> $199 -> $86 -> $44.xx
Another cashmere. Also for my mom. The buttons on this one is very interesting and it's very um... cowl neck? And the sleeves are short with a button thing on the side. I was going to keep it if my mom didn't want it but of course she did. I think this is the first time she actually REALLY liked what I got her. Too bad the camera didn't pick up the design that well. The design on this one is a lot prettier.

Covington - $40 -> $32 -> $18 -> $14.99
Vests make a fashion statement but you have to be very careful when picking out a vest, especially if you're not all that skinny (points at nose). While vests may look pretty on the front, the sides and back can make you look a lot thicker! Especially the curtain or drape style vests. So I tried this on 5 different times to make sure it didn't do that and tada! A successful vest. It's very marbled and I know what I'm going to wear with this. Expect an OOTD soon!

Joe Boxer - $17.90 -> $11.99 -> $6.99
Hello, new pjs. Lol Joe Boxer = WIN when it comes to sleepwear. Their apparel is very comfortable for sleeping so these were mandatory for me to buy. The one I'm wearing right now has holes all over :( haha. The one on the right is for my mom :)

That's it for today folks, enjoy your weekends!


  1. Yay! for all the deals you got, I know I can't resist me a good deal, that's why my wallet suffers so much -_-

    Where did you get the HK wrislet??? I think I need that!!!

  2. ;O what store was this? i'm going to new york in two weeks, do you have an suggestions of places to shop? is century 21 any good? have you ever gone to the woodbury outlets? lol & thanks ;D

  3. It gets me so excited when I see something is marked down SEVERAL times! :) Cashmere is really nice and warm, especially good quality cashmere :D

  4. Yes, please let us know where you got the wristlet, it's adorable!


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