Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm sorry!

hey guys :) hope you've been doing well. Super sorry for the lack of posts... I realize again that being a diligent blogger is quite difficult ! August was a VERY busy month for me but now that I'm slowly settling into the school year, I'm back for good.

Here's what happened to me in the past month.
-Caught a cold.
-Got rid of a cold.
-2 mosquitoes (HUGEEE ones) on my legs. I've seriously never had it this bad. The bite was tiny but the swelling was reaaaaally bad.
-Survived "Hurricane" Irene. I put hurricane in quotes because by the time it reached NYC, it was a tropical storm. Still quite serious and I hope everyone in the East Coast was okay! I also witnessed the shutting down of the MTA for the first time!
-Survived an earthquake.
-Started classes.
-Shopped for books!

This semester I only have classes three days a week but my days are generally longer and I'm only doing 15 credits. I originally signed up for 18 but my class was cancelled because not enough people signed up for it! Apparently only 7 people registered while at least 15 students are required so that kind of sucks :(

My classes seem rather difficult as well. It's going to be a tough semester but I think if I manage my time well, it might just work out!

What else... oh, yesterday I read an article about how a subway rat bit a lady's toe while she was waiting for her train. So gross >:( The rat infestation in NYC train stations are soo disgusting. They are... HUGE. Ugh. Watch out for a post on Tuesday, I will be take a picture of the train station to show you guys!

To wrap things up, my latest purchases! Do let me know what you guys think!

My Beauty Diary Mask - Black Pearl.
I really do love these. Have you ever tried these?! In fact, for my next "Junk Food Game", I'm going to let the winners try these out for themselves.

Went to Sephora. (Left to right)
-Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (in Sand) ($19.50) <- I sort of cannot believe I bought this. Why didn't anyone stop meeee?
-Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner. ($10)
-The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ($9)
-VIB box with goodies! Funny story is, I'm not even a VIB! The lady who helped me gave it to me for free :) Apparently they had an event thing, and there were a few boxes left over. So kind!
And what's inside this box, you ask?

Deluxe samples of brands I love!

(left to right)
Nars foundation primer
Phyto hair... mask? sort of thing
Benefit - Ring My Bella perfume sample
Laura Mercier Mascara
Tokidoki perfume sample
Stila - lip stain
Philosophy - Miracle moisturizer.

There was actually another sample called Brazilian Peel? But I gave it to my mama hehe.

Tell me how you guys are doing! I missed blogging, haha :)


  1. I don't think I shop enough at Sephora to be part of their VIB program. =(

    I've tried many different kinds of MBD masks and the black pearl is the only one that didn't make me break out afterwards. The strawberry yogurt made me break out so much after using it!

  2. EW rats D:< I've never seen an actual rat and I hope it stays that way!

    I've tried the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl mask once before and it is AMAZING. I really want to buy a box of it but I still have to finish my Mixed Berry and Cherry Blossom ones :P

    And wow! I wish I was a VIB now D: I loveeee samples and everything in the box seems amazing! Too bad the nearest Sephora is too far away :(

    By the way, thanks for the college app advice! I'm slowly going through Common App and college essays, but I'm hoping I can finish everything by October 15th because the Early Action deadline is November 1st...this will probably be the only thing I will NEVER procrastinate on :P

  3. I'm taking 15 credits as well! I hope you do well in school!!

    And that Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is my absolute favorite! I've been using it for 3 years. foundations tend to make me break out, and BB creams are even worse for my skin.

  4. How are you liking that Philosophy moisturizer? I have been on the hunt for a new one but haven't difficulties finding some face moisturizers. Any suggestions?


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