Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recent Favorites

I know there are "monthly favorites" or "_____'s (insert month) hits and misses" but I decided I'd do a "recent favorites" post.  This is because I always have new favorites since I'm always trying new products/returning to previously loved products.  Having said that, I've used these products every day in the past 10 days. Like most other people, mine consist of both drugstore and higher end products. I've actually done reviews for some of the products, in which case I will link :)

1. Maybelline - The Falsies (flared) waterproof mascara
2. Revlon - Colorstay Blemish Concealer "Fair" [Click here for review]
3. Make Up For Ever HD Primer #1
4. Benefit High Beam  [Click here for review]
5. Urban Decay The Revolution Eyelash Curler  [Click here for review]
6. Lancome - Blush Subtil "Rose Doucer"
7. Cargo - blu_ray Pressed Powder #10
8. ELF - Eyebrow Kit "Medium"

Maybelline - The Falsies (flared) waterproof mascara



I got this mascara for $5 I think. It was on sale and I thought "why not?". I'm glad I got it because I really am enjoying this! The wand is standard in length but "flared" out to give that falsies look for your lashes. Since it is waterproof, it does hold my curls quite well. I don't have trouble removing it and while it's not mind blowing, it does do a good job.  A down side is that it can clump but if you're careful, you will have gorgeous clump-free lashes! 

 Make Up For Ever HD Primer #1


Not blended


Fully Blended

Make Up For Ever makes tons of face makeup products and I've only tried two but I'm pleased with both I've tried.  Back in December, my friend got me a $30 giftcard to Sephora and I spent it on this.  I suffer from some redness around my face, especially my nose area but in general, I am a very pink-toned person.  Not in a very flattering way either! So I use this as my primer.  Since it's green, it neutralizes the redness but there are several other colors, including a transparent shade (#0) which is also quite nice if you do not want any color in your primer.  I like it because it's hydrating and it does not have that silicone feel to it.  Not to mention the sanitary pump dispenser! 

As you can see in the last picture, even after it is fully blended, there is some green tinge in it.  The key is to use only the amount you need.  Too much product will leave that green tinge.  But if you are using a foundation on top, it shouldn't matter.  Lately I haven't been in the foundation mood but I'm using this primer, a concealer, and a pressed powder for my face.  It's working pretty well for me! It gives me that "makeup but no makeup" look lol.  In the future, I would love to try the blue shade! 

Lancome - Blush Subtil "Rose Doucer"

No flash



This blush is from my last Lancome haul and I've been loving it! The color is more like the color without flash.  I was looking for something peachy-pink and I think this fits the criteria well even though it's a bit more on the pink side.  So far, definitely worth the splurge.  I'm surprised by how long it lasts (although I do use a makeup setting spray, sometimes blush is gone by the afternoon) and the shimmer is not as noticeable on my face.  This could be a good or bad thing but I usually prefer only a little shimmer for my blushes.  Too much shimmer can make you look oily!  

Cargo - blu_ray Pressed Powder #10

Back a few weeks ago, I was at the Sephora inside JCPenney's and I saw the entire Cargo line on sale! From my knowledge, Sephora doesn't even carry Cargo so I was so confused as to why this brand was there and on sale! I snagged this HD pressed powder (for $17!) because I've seen so many people rave about this and they're absolutely right! It's feels lovely on my face, with just the right amount of coverage.  So thrilled because I got it for nearly half the price. It's probably going to last me forever too! 

 ELF - Eyebrow Kit "Medium"

I ADORE this brow kit! I got it from Target for $3 I think and I have it in the shade "medium" which matches me perfectly.  I don't know how many other shades they make though, I only saw this shade at my local Target.  Anyway, it comes with a small dual ended brush which I thought was cute! lol. It's actually not as flimsy as you'd think.  But more importantly, the left is a gel to set your brows in place and the right is a powder to fill your brows with.  It's working so well for me and it's only $3! The lasting power is also great.  I can see myself buying this over and over again! 

And lastly... 

My mother made these brooches (among other things) about 25 years ago and she gave them to me when I was really little.  These were my favorite pieces from the ones she had given me, even as a little girl! I had forgotten about these but I rediscovered them a few days ago and I fell in love with them all over again! The color is still the same, and I thought the details were so amazing.  I think I'm going to pass these on to my own children! 

Anyway, what products do you guys use everyday?! Or are you like me? Hopping around from product to product? :p 


  1. Maybelline makes great mascaras! I use their Full N Soft religiously and also the XXL Pro ones. I have yet to try the Falsies though, but I will do soon! The Lancome blush looks goooorgeous. Love the color. And those brooches are absolutely beautiful! :)

    1. I've never tried Maybelline mascaras until now!.. I think. Although I do have a faint memory of trying their stiletto mascara.

      Ahh yes the blush is absolutely, positively, wonderfully flattering :D

  2. your mom made them??! they are amazing. ;)
    i adore the color of your lancome blush. so feminine yet lively!
    thanks for sharing these with us. :)

    1. ahah yup she did! Well, except for the stones - I believe she bought those. But she went and asked a factory if she can make some of her designs and they let her!

      your very welcome, thank you for reading!

  3. Those brooches are beautiful! I would love to try the green MUFE HD Primer, I heard green primer / concealer is good to neutralize redness.. Glad it works well on you! :)

    1. It is good! I mean, if someone has really great skin but it's just redness they're concerned about.. I would really just tell them to invest in this primer rather than foundation.

      thank you for reading :D

  4. I have heard some good reviews on the Maybelline's falsies but never got to try it...I think I'll probably drop by Maybelline's counter to check this out soon. I've always wanted to try the MUFE primer but I've read some reviews that it did break them out so I was still kind a hesitant on trying this out. But great reviews and list favs..^_~

    1. Definitely try both products out! I will pray that the primer doesn't break you out! :x

      thanks for reading :D

  5. Wow! I really adore that Maybelline mascara of yours. Too bad I haven't seen that in our malls here in the ELF one, it's definitely a good buy. I use the one in a darker shade, but I think the medium shade is a whole lot better for your skin tone :)

    1. aw that's too bad :( hopefully they'll carry if where you live soon! :D ooh I didn't know they had that many tones! I do think this is a pretty good match with me so I'm happy! :D

  6. those are lovely brooches <3 and i also fall in love with maybelline falsies mascara ^^

    1. haha thank you :) it is a lovely mascara~

      thanks for reading!

  7. I really gotta try out the ELF eyebrow kit, I've been looking for a good one for some time now. That is a gorgeous brooch that your mom made, it's definitely to pass on generation to generation. Maybe she should start up an easy shop or something!

    1. It's a very good brow kit, especially the price. After this though I want to try the wet n wild one! And haha, thanks! I'll let my mom know :p

  8. I have the Cargo Powder and love it! The curler sounds interesting. I need to check it out.

    1. Right?! me too! it is interesting, let me know if you end up purchasing it!


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