Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle of the eyelash curlers & FOTD

Urban Decay vs. Revlon!

Hello hello hello!
This is a delayed post, thank you finals! I'm not done till next week but I really wanted to finish this post!

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Today I want to do a review on my two favorite eyelash curlers, both I bought after I started this blog.

First off, let me introduce the eyelash curlers: Urban Decay "The Revolution" and the simple Revlon Eyelash Curler (Black/red).

I'll do some brief comparisons. The Urban Decay Eyelash Curler is $20. It's considered "revolutionary" I guess, because it's supposed to fit all eye shapes/sizes and not pinch your eyelids (which I was a victim to T_T). The shape of it is quite different as well. There are no "ends" on the sides! It comes with I think 5 or 6 replacement parts. I don't think this product is really raved about but I like it!

On the other hand, the Revlon Eyelash Curler was only about $6 at my local drugstore. It's probably my favorite cheap eyelash curler (and they still sell them!). It's your typical eyelash curler but it curls well, IMO. It comes with two replacement parts.

Problem is, I think my skin is kind of allergic to the metal of the Revlon one?? It turns my skin red when the the metal part touches anywhere other than my lashes. It's not itchy and it DOES go away but... it's also a reason why I prefer my UD over my Revlon. For the UD curler, it really is not likely that the metal parts will ever touch my face.

Without curled lashes:


See that red part on the right?!


In general, I like the UD one more because it doesn't leave that red mark and I think it curls evenly. The Revlon curler is a bit too big for my eyes which means it curls the end of my lashes pretty well but not really the beginning parts. But that doesn't really make the UD curler "HG" status... I'm still on the hunt for the perfect eyelash curler!

In short:
Urban Decay - 3.5/5
Revlon - 3/5

And yesterday after work I had a small get-together-dinner kinda thing with my co-workers except for that snobby girl I once mentioned LOL. It was fun. Hot (the really blasted the heat there) but fun. I won't see any of them till next semester I think. I came home looking pretty gross lol but I snapped a picture anyway.

P.S.: has anyone tried the Shu Umera (sp?) curler? They're not as available but I'd love to try it some day!


  1. Never seen the UD curler, but it really curls your lashes well! :) I like Shu Umera curler or at least the one I have... hehe~

    I haven't tried many Olay products, but the ones I have I had good experience. I really like their ProX line.

  2. Funny that you are reviewing eyelash curlers, because I've been thinking about getting a new one! I don't know if I want to shell out extra bucks for a higher end one or just get a cheap one that is passable at the drugstore.

  3. Wow Urban Decay looks crazy!!!!!!!
    I've heard the Shu Umera works amazing but isn't it super expensive?

  4. wow that UD curler looks interesting.
    in your full face shot, the UD side does look better.

  5. I'll try Urban Decay after seeing this post :D


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