Saturday, February 12, 2011

My life in the past week & lovefemme's give away!

^ sorry, I pressed 'enter' and it published right away UGH. and I don't know how to delete posts LOL.

First thing is first, my first follower (hehe) and a blogger I love to read, lovefemme: is having a give away! Now I know I don't have that many followers but I know some people pass by my blog so I wanted to post this up to let you guys know! So if you're a Katy Perry fan or a nail polish fan, be sure to check it out (and of course the rest of her blog -- promise it's worth your time).

And secondly, my life! It's been a tough two weeks, commuting 3 hours a day is not a piece of cake. But I try to enjoy each part of it =) Except when I saw poo on the staircase up during my commute... not pleasant at ALL. So gross ;_; I was going to have my granola bar on the next train but um, yeah that certainly made me want to avoid food for like, ever.

My Ancient Philosophy class feels so long ;_; It's not that it's boring but it's just that it's when I'm MOST tired during the week. Last class, last day. Ugh, I must have dozed off like ten times during that class. Kill meeeee! My profs are really neat though, just a LOOOOT of reading. *Which I must start as soon as I finish this, as always my blog comes first!*

And lastly, purchases and my free Zoyas!

Olay PRO x cleanser: Okay, so I owned the Clarisonic Mia and it broke. Of course, after the warranty. I'm in college, I'm broke! So I decided to settle with this instead (I actually went through 7 drug stores looking for it) and it's wonderful. The brush is just right and it's about 1/10 the price of a Clarisonic. A dupe? Possibly, possibly better. But it's unfortunate that this is battery operated, as in you have to change batteries when they die. Can't just charrrrge it! It also came with a same of Olay Pro X exfoliating renewal cleanser. I haven't test it yet buttttt... I will and I will probably review on it later! Please keep your fingers crossed so that I don't break out :(

Revlon Eyelash Curler: Now, unlike lots of other Asian girls that *think* they have short eye lashes, I, on the hand, have quite long ones. But it's also quite flat so I was looking around for a good eyelash curler and found it! It's beautiful. Simple (love the color) and cheap. It's pretty good. I will post pictures later when I remember/use it. Heh.

Milani 3D (Holographic) Nail Lacquer: Pricey for drug store ($6) but $5 w/ card! It's soo shiny *_* I only did one swatch so far so expect pictures on my next post! It glides on SO softly and stuff. Ugh, I'm going to get one of each color, I swear!

(left to right: Charlize, Brizia, Piper)

And my free Zoyas! Three colors I don't own yet (along with probably.. a lot) and they're beautiful! My favorite one is the Piper. Such a delicate but impressive shade of pink! They took a month to send it to me, but it's all good because it's well worth the wait. I like how the brush is pretty medium sized I think, I have small nails so about 1 swipe covers everything. Honestly, the texture is not too watery (which Revlon is for me) so I think I'll be purchasing from them soon!

My doggy is sick so no pictures :"( please pray for her!

Have a good weekend! See you (hopefully) soon (if I don't die from schoolwork) !

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