Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hah! updated: AE & LIFE.

Hello :)
I started school yesterday and yeah, college is tough. Lol, my schedule is pretty easy though. Mondays I'm out by 10:45, Tuesdays and Wednesday by 3:30, Thursdays by 6:00 and no classes Fridays. Three day weekends really rock :) I really hope I can maintain my 3.7 and go upwards only! I really hope so...

Okay, so here's an "Only in NYC" story. I am a commuter since I go to school in the city so I see all sorts of weird things on the subway. Today I was lucky enough to witness a (huge) grown man wearing animals all over. He was wearing a pure white mink coat with black leather leggings and snakeskin shoes. There were no more seats (I was sitting) so he hoovered over me. He grabbed the pole but he stared at it all grossed out and took out a wetwipe and wiped the entire pole and his hands. Everyone glanced at him at least ten times except me because he was hoovering over me and I was scared he'd be all "Girl, what are YOU looking at" so I looked in a different direction. Only in New York City.

Anyway, onto the purchase! So I know I said I'm on a shopping ban but these were from before my shopping ban! AE had a clearance sale and I snagged many items. I wear between a small and a medium so I was so scared that all the sizes would be like an XS or XL. Luckily, I was early enough to find them in my sizes muahaha. I got too tired to take the pictures myself (horray, school!)

$10.46 - I expected the material to be smooth with no texture. Instead, it kind of has the texture of a thermal, but a very thin one. I like it very much overall, especially the pocket and buttons. Plus, it's relatively long :)

$13.96 - I love AE cardigans that are like this :) It's so warm and cozyyy. It makes me sleepy so I don't know if I'll be wearing it to school!

$10.46 - This was a more necessary purchase because well, I have no shirts I can layer with. So it is kind of expensive for a single piece of shirt (given I got a sweater for the same price) but it's alright. Super thin but not sheer so it's good to go.

$6.96 - Bought it because it was cheap and I liked the design. The problem I have with women's v-necks are that they're very low so I have to wear a shirt underneath. This one isn't that low but I'll have to see...

$6.96 - OMG. I knew I had to buy it when I first saw it but I'm never buying a cami for $30+. That is crazy talk. SO GLAD I GOT THIS! The outside material isn't the kind I like, it's kind of .. rough? But the inside is soo soft it makes up for it.

$6.96 - I didn't see this in stores but it was so cheap I couldn't pass by. I kind of wish I didn't get it because I have a cami in the same exact pink from AE but I don't own much floral so I decided to keep it.

I also got these jeans that weren't on sale but I returned them because it was too expensive for average quality :| $69.95 for a pair of jeans I knew wouldn't last more than a year, even if I wear it sparingly. So yeah :) That is all. Love me my sales!


  1. I would LOVE to transit in NYC purely for the people watching. I also have the second AE cardigan in grey, but I didn't score it for $14! Lucky you :)

  2. Haha what a wild story, I've seen some crazy stuff when I took public trans in San Fran. Anyways I love your deals, especially the Cardi's!

  3. Haha, crazy! You should have tried to take a picture of the guy! Great basics, I love that floral-print cami!


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