Monday, February 21, 2011

Yeppeunsonyuh & Recent Purcahses (Long post ahead!)

First and foremost: *Thank you for the recent follows. I'll follow back~

How I missed you, blog! It's been 10+ days since I last updated and now I'm going to make sure I post something at least every three days. School definitely takes a toll on my time and I started working out so there goes my blog time, haha. I think I'm really... bad at doing reviews but I'm going to keep doing them so I get better aha :p YAY FOR NO MORE SHOPPING BAN. :P
Secondly, I'd like to share a website called ("yeppeunsonyuh" means pretty girl) and the store owner is also a soompi member. For the past two years(?) I've bought from her and they get to me within 3 days without fail. But that's probably because we live in the same state but regardless -- you WILL get your purchase within a week, if you reside in the US. Plus her prices are VERY reasonable. I wear normal contacts and I personally don't really like circle lenses but if you want to try it, DEFINITELY try her out! Here's my latest purchase from her:

Braided hairband
(Credit: Yeppeunsonyuh)

My photo. As you can see, it's very shiny/glossy (it looks real!) and luckily it's my hair shade! I've been watching "My Princess" lately and I love how Kim Tae Hee had her hair braided pretty often in the beginning but I don't have that kind of time in the morning. Now I just wear this baby everywhere I go LOL. This was for $12.49 which is reasonable considering how expensive some things from Korea are here in the US. There's a thinner version for cheaper, I think. Plus the ends kind of wrap behind your ear (at least for me) so it's really impossible to tell that it's actually a hair band!

Green tassel phone charm: I think this was $8ish and I normally never spend that much money on phone charms but I couldn't resist this one. It's actually pretty bulky (I LOVE BULKY THINGS!) and it's from the Korean website: It's like a faux leather... kind of material. SO CUTE! I don't want to use it yet though, not sure if I want to wait until my next phone to use it lol :p I wish they had a red one :( My blackberry cover is red so I'd really use it now if it.

I also got Etude eyelid tape but it wasn't for me so I can't really review it. But it was well packaged and my friend says it's comparable to the eyecharm ones.

Thirdly, Macy's! I pass by a Macy's everyday now so I get tempted to go inside every time. I went in everyday since Monday LOL. And I never left empty handed.

Clinique: ~$34 together. Clinique is the only skincare line I use on my face, I have very fair complexion and sensitive skin, dry -- yet acne prone. I love Clinique's acne solution line EXCEPT for the moisturizer. Stuff dries me out SOOOOOOOO much I can't move my face for hours after I use it. It works well though. Just too painful for me. So I use steps 1, 2 and the DDM (gel -- no oil) and it works like a charm every time. I wish I had gotten the pump for the DDM but... yeah I've been spending way too much money.

Material Girl(?): Not a brand I'm familiar with but that doesn't mean I won't buy it if it's cute! Love the zipper on the back but it's not really true to size. But it was on clearance ($11) and I couldn't resist. There are studs.. and I don't know how I feel about them. I mean, I like them but I just can't "rock" it. Lol, tough luck for me! Can't wait till the weather warms up so I can wear it :) The material is very light and soft so it'll be perfect for summer. I don't know why but I don't like wearing revealing things even in the midst of 100 degree weather. I need shirts like this to get by NY humidity.

Random brand that I don't know again: This was also on clearance ($13) and it's adorable :) The back is really interesting and the sleeves are folded about an inch and have buttons. Love the pocket in the front and I love the price! I got the shirt above on Monday and this one on Tuesday LOL :( I'm going to stop, I promise! I kind of like this shirt more than the one above because of the sleeves, my favorite style. It's a little bit sheer though, but I don't think it shows anything.

*stock photos

My photo. Obviously my camera and lights hate me. It looks exactly like the stock photos though~

$7. Retails $25. So as I posted before, I love bags. LOVE THEM I CAN'T EVER HAVE ENOUGH OF THEM! D:" This was so cute I couldn't pass it up. End of story. It's small and crossbody and ugh just so CUTE!

$25 so cute as well. Lawl, the back is higher than it looks. I appreciate the extra 4-5 inches. I love ruffles and bows so this was too cute to pass up as well. Sucks for my wallet, I have $6 to use until next Monday. LOL The only flaw I can find on these were that they're not very true to color :| I expended a lighter shade of grey but that's alright, grey is still grey (plus my lighting isn't that good).

Lastly, I'm tired. So tired. I slept two hours yesterday. POOPPED, I''m going to sleep at 8. So excited about my packages though ahah :p


  1. the shirt with the studs is gorgeous! so is the braided headband...I might get one, it's really cute! great purchases :)


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