Monday, July 18, 2011

FOTD + Cosmetic Haul

Blah blah blah I hate humid weather! It makes me feel really BLAH, if you know what I mean. I really hate the humidity in New York, I heard that in California, the weather goes up to almost 100 degrees but it's rarely really humid. Today was only 90 degrees here but it was so humid, I'm glad my classes are over before noon and I work later in the day, that means it's still a little less humid. I don't know about you guys but I'd much rather be a little cold than stinking hot! Because when you're cold, you can just keep wearing clothes. When you're sweating, how much can you really do in terms of dressing "down"?!?!

Also, I thought I'd share that I haven't had soda in 4 days HAHA. It's a start right? Everyone has to start somewhere. LET'S GO FOR THREE MORE DAYS, JANE!

A photo of me to commemorate my endurance in the humidity today. It's worth commemorating because my face actually stayed together in the heat HAHA:

Bahahaha my hair is all messed up and stringy looking thanks to the beautiful humid weather today. Did I mention how much I love the MAC studio fix concealer? It was kinda expensive but I love it to bits. Who the heck likes to wear foundation in the middle of summer?! a teeny bit of concealer is the way to go!

Oh and I think I have a bug bite on my forehead, I hate bugs. Big ugly bugs make me want to cry ;(

And for something more interesting, my recent Sephora/Bloomingdales haul :) I spent a ton of money and I now have $49.84 + a $15 metro card under my name HAHA so pathetic. Can't wait till my next pay day so I can start SAVING again! Save, not spend! I have a separate "emergency expense" and I usually keep it to $200 but I've spent most of that up. I was doing really well though ;(

_Smashbox Lip Treatment (SPF 15)
_Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Smaller size) <- $16!!!!!! WHAAAT.
_MUFE HD powder
_Benefit High Beam
_Mac Mineralize Skinfinish (Semiprecious Pearl)
_Mac 116 Blush Brush
_Birthday freebie from Philosophy! Smells like vanilla cake.

More in depth post will follow this one. This is just a sneak preview :) Is there anything you guys want a specific review on?! :o if so, do let me know!
Horray for being poor now!!


  1. Great haul! Please do a review on the Benefit High Beam :) I've wanted to try that for a while now but I still have to go through my current highlighter!

    I hate the humidity too :( It feels so gross just to step outside!

  2. That's how I looked like this whole week! I swear this heat wave that's going around is not my cup of tea.

    Lovely haul! Please do a review on the primer. I've been wanting to get one myself too but the price tag is such a turn off. =(


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