Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am NOT a summer person. I'm more of a fall/winter person, I seriously cannot stand the humidity. But now I'm indoors and waiting for my dad to bring home dinner! He brings home dinner from work about once a month and I always look forward for it!

Today's post will be JUNK FOOD. YEAH! LOL. I was going through my pictures and I realized that I take a lot of pictures of food and they're all well, junk food. WHY are most tasty things so unhealthy?

By the end of the meal, I can only thank my Asian genes. Pft, people make fun of Asians for being short or flat (which is not true) but we fatten and age slower (for the most part)!!

Get ready for a heart attack, guys. And no, I did not have this in one day LOL. I'd love 5 meals/day of junk food LOL.

Ok. Now try to guess what they are. Some are obvious but some, not so much.
The prize will be this *SURPRISE COLOR :p * Essie nail polish I have as an unwanted duplicate because I'm an idiot. Two winners :) , if I have more than one participant LOL.
Number them in order and.. guess as many correct! :p Ends whenever it is that I post again.. whenever that may be.


  1. This sounds fun :) I'll do my best to guess...but most likely they'll be far off from the actual answer xD

    1. Some kind of a hamburger
    2. mehh i'm not sure but it kind of looks like chicken cordon bleu
    3. wings! :D i love the wings from buffalo wild wings :P
    4. fried onion rings
    5. on the left it looks like fried rice and bits of chicken...on the right it looks like it's fries and mini corn dogs!
    6. chocolate covered cherries...? i was going to guess chocolate covered strawberries but the ones in the photo look too round and perfect lol
    7. umm fried rice and fried pork? maybe? xD
    8. wings...tortilla chips...andddd it looks like a spinach/cheese dip?

    ahh this was a fun post :) thanks for the challenge xD oh and thanks for making me super hungry :P

  2. 1. A delicious burger with bacon and oozy cheese! OMG, YUM!
    2. Chicken sandwich with sourdough bread? :P
    3. Buffalo wings!
    4. Onion rings with fries :D
    5. Asian entree meal, noodles and two items... and a side of fried potatoes with fries? LOL
    6. Chocolate covered cherries!
    7. Rice with fried tofu :)
    8. Spinach and artichoke with tortilla chips! YUM!!!!!!!

  3. 1. Some bacon cheeseburger?
    2. A chicken sandwich?
    3. Boneless chicken wings
    4. Onion rings and french fries!
    5. Fried rice with like a bourbon chicken and hush puppies? with french fries
    6. At first I thought they were cake balls, but I guess chocolate covered cherries make more sense!
    7. Fried rice with either fried tofu or chicken poppers?
    8. Spinach/artichoke queso with chips and wings on the side?

    Ha this is hard. >_<


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