Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Birthday Post :) + Soda Addiction :(

First and foremost I apologize for being away for nearly a month! It's because I started summer classes so I can graduate early :P I plan on doing one every break so I can *hopefully* graduate in 3 years :)

Classes are pretty difficult, most likely because it IS a 6 week course (4x a week) so the class is a bit rushed. But it's not that bad, I didn't take difficult classes to begin with.

Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm so glad I don't have classes Fridays, it would have been the first summer EVER to be in school for my birthday. But to be honest, I was always a little jealous of kids who had birthdays during the school year and then their parents would come and we would have a little party! I never got to do that when I was younger but it's definitely not something I want to do in college LOL.

So for my birthday, my parents got me a new wallet (like I've said before, I have a crazy/unsafe/unhealthy addition for wallets). Here's my baby!

Not a very good picture :| and I shouldn't have opened the envelope before the picture! I always suck at remembering these things LOL.
But yeah, my parents do spoil me. It has always been like that since I was young, I was always their priority and it helps (or does it not?) that I am an only child. But to be fair, they are my priority as well but um.. this was a nice surprise for me. Sometimes I get teary thinking about it because they're quite frugal when it comes to their things but when it comes down to me, they really aren't frugal at all lol. Just a lot of giving back I need to do when I'm older.

Also, does anyone else like soda :(? I LOVE soda even though I know for a FACT that it's so unhealthy =( The longest I can go is about a week, that is IF I'm super determined, and it's just so bad. I don't eat chips or candy (I do chew sugar free gum though) but I can't get rid of my soda habits, especially if I'm having an oily meal (which is bad as it is). Seltzer water tastes so bad I can't drink it! Someone save me or else I won't have teeth left when I'm 70 T_T


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Jane!

    So sweet of your parents to get you such a lovely gift, definitely don't blame them since you're the only child.

    I hope you have a super great day on your day and Soda is BAD! Haha I can't even stand the taste of pepsi or coke but I will drink root beer and code red... YUM!


    That's a lovely gift from your parents! I have a lot of giving back to my parents as well when I'm older. My parents are too nice to me and half the time I'm ungrateful and awful.

    Just last night I had soda after a very, very long time and it felt awful. It's just sugar and fizz! Try and replace it with ice tea or water (:


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