Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tarte for True Blood & Memoirs of a Kitty

I will post the answers to my previous post! :)

1. bacon cheeseburger
2. chicken cordon bleu or just a chicken sandwich lawl
3. spicy boneless wings
4. onion rings and french fries
5. chicken teriyaki and nathan's mini hotdog(?) thingies with french fries
6. oreo truffle balls
7. fried rice with chicken pops!
8. spinach artichoke dip w/ tortillas and wings.

hehe that was kinda fun, no? :P I know some of the pictures had bad lighting and stuff, my apologies~ but all three of you did so well rofl. But nobody guessed the oreo truffle ball correctly loool probably because I didn't show the inside.

If you answered my previous post, please leave me your e-mail address! Since three people answered, I have three polishes and other stuff ready to be packed. But my cousin *hinted* she wants one of the shades so you must let me know by Wednesday (I will most likely ship out Thursday).

On with my recent purchases~

Poor lighting =( But I bought a bunch of cheap (but not so bad quality) nail polishes. I really like the "shamrock" from Forever21 (Second picture, second polish) but it smells really bad :X and it lingers! boooo. And the Sally Hanson Extreme Wear reminded me of Teenage Dream but it's less pink than it. Glitters are pretty similar though.

I can't resist bows! They're too cute. And I was expecting more out of the second necklace but... it's wooden lol. I bet I could make that in one sitting given the appropriate equipment.

I buy chunky necklaces because my clothes are rather plain. A plain grey shirt + the black necklace = not so plain anymore.

HEHEHE aren't the socks adorable?? Well.. to be honest I don't need anymore socks but I thought these were soo cute I couldn't resist! Who can resist chubby little bunnies?!

Last but not least, my Tarte for True Blood & Memoirs of a Kitty palettes! I actually forgot to upload this from a few weeks ago x_x and pretty poor pictures because my camera sucks but I am grateful I at least have a working camera LOL.

They say that the Tarte palette is a "must" for every True Blood fan but I'm just a fan of gorgeous packaging and quality eye shadow to be honest. The Tarte palette was $52 and the Memoirs of a Kitty palette was $35.

So basically, there are 17 eye shadows. Some are matte, some are shimmery. You get generous sizes of their emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner in black, lights, camera, lashes! mascara in black, and lifted natural eye primer. If you are debating between the UD naked and this palette, I suggest you go for this one because this palette can be used for neutral looks as well as... "vampy" looks lol! But in all honesty, I can see this palette working wonders for many.

It also comes with a tutorial leaflet kind of thing! I tried the "Vamp Glam" and my mom told me I looked scary so I guess I partially succeeded? But I get the feeling that while I will be incorporating some of the things here, I won't always do it word for word. Like I mean, I also tried "Luminous Fairy" and it appeared too light for my pale skin.

The emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner was most peculiar.. it wasn't quite gel... or cream. Very interesting formula I think.

Very dark though, right? I'm looking forward to wearing this more often! I hope it doesn't smudge :(

Say Hello - Memoirs of a Kitty Palette

What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute packaging :( and cute boxes, I am never throwing that box away! I like to store receipts and/or coupons in them lol :) I was upset because I went the the Sephora in the city and they only had the "Happy Fun" palette which have the eye shadows and lip glosses on the bottom. I'm a heavy lip balm/lip stain user so the lip glosses would have little purpose for me! I really wanted to try blushes and this was just a good price for 4 eye shadows, and 2 blushes. Plus I like the eye shadow colors in Memoirs of a Kitty much more.

So basically yeah, I came home and purchased online.

nice neutrals going on~ I actually didn't get to use this yet but, I'm getting to it!

Ahhhh the blushes! Surprisingly, I like the color to the left more :X I use both though, I apply the right and a little bit of the left on top of it so it isn't as pink. I mean, I want to look blushing -- not like I was standing out in the cold for an hour!

Heh, so that's about it. I had no money to buy a bagel after church today :'(
sad but true story.


  1. OMG, the Hello Kitty palette is SO cute!!!!!!! :)

    My email? haha it's samebrightsky at yahoo!

  2. wow i had no idea it was a picture of oreo truffle balls xD they sound delicious though! oh and my email address is xofeilunhaixo(at)yahoo(dot)com :)

    and ohmygoodnessgracious i love EVERYTHING you bought!!! i especially love the glittery nail polishes, the bow necklace, the bunny socks (!), Tarte for True Blood, and the Hello Kitty Palette!! The packaging of the Tarte for True Blood and the Hello Kitty Palette are too gorgeous...gahhh i *need* to stop by sephora asap now! :O

  3. Was that HK palette really only $3? O_O OMG I must get it.

    Yay! I wasn't sure I would win because I was last. :D My email is squishybearhugs[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks a lot! :)

  4. I bought that same Forever 21 bow necklace for my friend =)
    the Memoirs of a Kitty Palette is so adorable! I'm not even a big fan of Hello Kitty but can totally appreciate the beautiful packaging! how do you like to shadows and blushes so far?

  5. Oh fancy!! I'm so jelly of your haul~

  6. Great buys! Thats quite the haul :)

  7. what a massive haul!! good choices you have there :)

  8. So many pretty things in one post. ♥~(ΟεΟ) I have the same ribbon necklace from F21 because I'm a big fan of ribbons too! :)


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