Friday, August 5, 2011

Rant: Snobby or Incompetent

Warning: today's post will be boring and mean.

You know, I always liked nice and sweet people. I try my best to be one too. But two people have been getting on my nerves lately and quite frankly, I don't like either.

At school: Ok. So there's this one girl who I'm paired up with and she's the really shy/quite/nice type. I'm totally okay with her except she is really, really, really dependent on me. Even if it's pair work, each of us should be responsible for a portion of the work. Instead she asks me "this is right, right?" after every sentence she writes. EVERY.SINGLE.SENTENCE. So while all the other people left, we were still far behind and ended up staying later after class (and I had work right after that specific day). Not only that but when we were brainstorming ideas, she comes up with ideas that didn't fit the criteria at all and she kept laughing because she thought she was funny. What? First of all, that wasn't funny at all. Secondly, we were working at a much slower rate because she kept asking me if she was right each time (and she wasn't, I had to fix her stuff each time). Lastly, her pronunciation is HORRIBLE. I know she can't help it but really, like, this is an advanced class... how the heck did she get here with her pronunciation? And we have to give a presentation as well, she's all like "oh huhuhuhhhh I'm so nervous I'm not going to say anything you say everything". I sure as hell am not doing everything, I can't stand her anymore!

At work: Ok at work I face a different girl. She does her work very well and even if she doesn't know how to do something, she will learn from watching over your shoulders as opposed to asking you if she's right every step of the way. But she's definitely a snob. Not particularly to me, but to my other co-workers. I understand she drives a mercedes and that she goes to an expensive university because her parents can afford it (personally not worth it for undergrad, IMO). I GET IT. WE ALL GET IT. Apparently she's only there for the "experience" as opposed to us who actually need this job. Also, I have a co-worker who brings in those Entenmann's donuts from the supermarket and she said her mom doesn't let her eat "those kinds of foods" except she ate a brownie from Starbucks the following Tuesday. Lol. Then my co-worker was showing us a NY&Co watch she got on sale and we were saying how it's a good value and really cute. She overheard us and asked "but don't cheap stuff like that tarnish easily?". Obviously she wouldn't know, wearing her Burberry watch.

So, tell me. A well-working but snobby worker or a shy and sweet but incompetent worker?

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  1. I really can't stand both, but I personally I would choose a snobby worker over an incompetent worker. It sucks having to deal with people that think they are superior to everyone else, but she's getting the job done. The other girl, however, seems to be taking you for granted and taking the easy way out...which, in my opinion, is much more pathetic. You should talk to your professor about's really not fair that you have to do all of the work!

  2. omg! its so hard when coworkerd dont co-operate!!its jst makes the work day horrible!! hope u manage it!!

  3. Awww. Both can be so annoying. :(

  4. This is a little late, but thank you for following me~

    & as for the two girls, hmmm... both seem a bit troublesome, but the first one sounds like she's causing more direct problems for you as opposed to the second. I hope you find a way to work things out! >_<;


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