Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I can't do it anymore!

Today we gave a presentation. I told my partner (from my previous post) that the word "peligroso" means "dangerous" repetitively since last Thursday. Our professor asked my partner what the word peligroso meant. She said "book". Oh my goodness. I just can't do it anymore, thank GOD classes end tomorrow -_- BOOK?!?!? BOOOOOOK?!?! T_T

Sorry for all the *#($*#&$*(, I can't help it sometimes. And it's not very nice to talk about someone like this through the internet but I need SOMEWHERE to vent.

Aside from that, today's post will be a review/NOTD post.

Laura Mercier - Secret Camouflage *this is a concealer :) $28 - sephora.

This isn't mine, I bought this for my mom because she used to use Clinique's City Stick as her concealer but they discontinued it! So she was so sad so I bought this for her to try out. Basically the right side is a correcter and the left is the concealer. The packaging is pretty neat, it came with a Styrofoam inside between the make up and the mirror.

This is ideal for older women with wrinkles and lines. The downside is, with the City Stick, she could basically just apply it wherever but now she has to use a brush or her fingers. Also, the price is pretty steep but even the City Stick was a tad too expensive, nor did it last too long. The upside is, this will probably last forever!

You apply the right side first, then the left to conceal everything and hold it in place :) I'm pretty sure she's enjoying this but it's not as great as the City Stick. After this one, I'm going to buy her Bobbi Brown's concealer stick thingy, the only problem is that they don't have my mom's EXACT shade. Must do some more researching.

NOTD - Ok. I seriously hate it when I decide "oh today I'm just going to play around with some nail polish" and totally end up liking what I did even though I wasn't planning on it! I was playing around with my grey and navy polishes before and I didn't clean up very nicely as I wasn't planning on keeping this. Now I like it but it looks messy ;(

Then when I sit down to actually "do my nails" it comes out ugly. Thank you, life.

I messed up mostly on my index and ring fingers. The tip on my index finger is too wide while the one on my ring finger is crooked :( but overall, I really like the way it looks :) Some minor chipping because I took these photos today (did them 3 days ago).

That's all for today OH AND stay tuned for another "guess this junk food" post :P


  1. Your nails look fine! I can't do french tips for the life of me. The strip usually end up being fat and never thin. -__-;;

    I can't believe the girl messed up! Haha. I feel like if something is repeatedly repeated to you it must be important and you should make it a priority to remember it.

  2. Pretty french tips! I agree o.o even if she didn't know what "peligroso," book might not have been the best answer for that question either way...

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Peligroso= book? seriously!? She may think books are dangerous for her. That explains why she said that, haha.

    I am a Spanish major so that bothers me a little bit, especially if she is in an advanced class, she needs to know that.
    But you know, when I do group work I'd rather do all the work than relying in a incompetent classmate. That's just me. have a nice weekend ;)

  4. I love the minty green. Favorite nail polish color. :)

  5. Re: Going to the supermarket is more dangerous than just shopping sometimes! - It's craziness!

    Anywhoo, can't tell you messed up on your nails~ ;] I like the color!


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