Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love your city

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates! I finished summer classes, got my grades, never seeing those people again, and started hanging out with my friends again.

Today I hung out with my friend in the city and had ramen, ramen that was $16 rofl. We got one a split it :) Did some shopping but only ended up getting things for my mom. Overall, it was a great day but I wore my new shoes out and it hurt my feet quite a bit. I just took a shower and as soon as the water hit my feet, I felt waves of stinging sensations lol.

Anyway, for some odd reason, I feel that some people want to "get away" or "move" from where they live. Common examples are: "oh, I want to live in France!", "I'd love to live in LA", "Anywhere in Europe is better than where I live now". But I feel that where we lived the longest is where our hearts are most comfortable at, if that makes sense. Sure it's nice to go on vacation once in a while or study abroad but permanently moving just seems a little sad. Today's post is dedicated to my favorite city: The Big Apple!

3 Reasons why I love NY:
- The city really never sleeps. I don't know that many cities that offer almost 24 hours of public transportation.
- People from literally ALL over the world live here :)
- Lots of crazy (but funny) people live here too! Kind of an "only in New York" kind of thing.

^Central Park - Fall 2010

^7th Ave - Summer 2010

^Summer 2010

^Seaport - Spring 2011

Your turn! Tell me about your favorite city!


  1. I wish I had the chance to travel more! The only city that I really know enough about to pass judgment on is my own. :/ I mean it's a nice city; kinda has both the city life and suburbia. :)

  2. I can't say I have a favorite city. Out of the ones I've been too, I've got to say I enjoyed Sydney, NYC, and Vegas (ironically, just got back) the most though.

    & Re: Thanks -- really is quite odd that the lenses are brownish but pinkish huh? haha

  3. That's a great way of putting it! But wow, NYC? Thats where the party's at :P All there is to do in my city is eat. and watch movies I guess haha. Guess I still haven't found my favourite yet. Thanks for stopping by my blog btw! :)


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