Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'd rather be blogging anyway (Sephora Haul Reviews).

Hello, hello!
So I will be sharing some swatches from my previous post. I will be going over the Nars items, mainly.

I bought three eyeshadow duos, (2) Island Fevers and (1) Bysance. I also bought a nail polish in Bad Influence. The reason I got two of the Island Fevers is because I want to include one in my one-year anniversary give away that I'm slowly (but surely) putting together :) They were on sale for $10 (compared to the $33) each, and the polish was $7 (compared to $17, I think) so all in all, it was a good deal.

Overall, I LOVE the products. Love love love. You really do get what you pay for but I can't imagine paying $33 for 2 eyeshadows.. not with my current paycheck anyway!

Without further ado...

Nars Eyeshadow Duos in Island Fever and Bysance (left and right respectively)!

They come with full mirrors which I totally love. My ELF blush comes with a mirror that's really small and I always wonder how much I'm supposed to see with it...!

So personally, I like Island Fever much more because it's more suitable for daily uses than Bysance is.

With flash

Without flash

Island Fever consists of an almost pastel (but not as light) blue and a grey but not really silver colors. Once the colors blend together, it looks pretty neat. And as long as you use a light hand (they're pretty pigmented), I think these can work out as pretty casual colors.

Bysance on the other hand is quite.. loud. Loud in my book anyway, not in a bad way though! But I do think that Bysance is more pigmented than Island Fever.

With flash (natural lighting)

Without flash (natural lighting)

I think that the left color is more champagne-looking than golden on my skin. A little bit.. darker than champagne but not quite GOLDEN.
I haven't worn these colors out yet because they aren't as casual as Island Fever but I'm waiting for the opportunity to wear these colors out!

Flash swatches, no primer.

No flash swatches (artificial lighting), no primer.

-well pigmented
-it was on sale
-minimal fall out
-pretty colors :)

-the packaging was a little "ehh.." because I ended up having to clean the edges as soon as I opened it.
-it's expensive if not on sale.

Rebuy? Maybe.


Finally, we have my first Nars nail polish. I must say, I LOVE the color!! It's very fall/winter appropriate but I'd totally wear this color any other season. It's what I would describe as a "smokey brown" color but I guess other people can just see brown. But I'm just saying, again, that I would never buy this at retail price. Never. Yikes.. Even $7... is hard to justify I think.

Pretty neat packaging IMO. It's very tightly packed and has a cardboard thing on the inside for protection (all their products do, I think).

-It was.. on sale
-A personally favorite color.
-Sleek packaging. It's nice to look at.

-If it wasn't on sale, really expensive.
-It's hard to actually use because the top is so square!
-I have a very similar color from Sinful Colors that I got for $2.

Rebuy?: Probably not unless it's on sale again.


Hehe so that marks the end of that. I can't wait till my blog becomes a year old, it's coming up soon! Another day, ladies!


  1. Thanks for the review! I heard from others that Island Fever is not as pigmented as well. =(

    I probably won't pick up any because I realized how little I use my NARS items (even though I love them I just have too much stuff)

  2. lol! love the pros: it was on sale.
    Gotta love a bargain.♥ The eye shadow colours are gorgeous :( but I would never know how to wear them casually. Looking forward the the looks you create with them.

  3. Really pretty! But nars is soo expensive


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