Wednesday, November 23, 2011


[Created on 11/23/11, published 11/24/11]

I spent the day sleeping... So this post will be the most productive thing I've done all day.

Time for round two of my junk food game.
If you don't know about it, please check it out here.

Some of the rules have changed!
1) Guess the name of the foods I list in order (as many/as accurate as possible).
2) Be a public follower.
3) I will announce winners/prizes in two weeks! I can say for sure that the prizes this time around will be better.
4) Two winners like last time :) One if only one person participates LOL.

good luck! :D


  1. wooo~ no school. I spent my day sleeping too and all I did was make a post as well! LOL -___-"

    Ohh this seems fun!
    1. Can't tell if its a brownie or a chocolate cake.. but I'm gonna say Brownie.. :D
    2. Tacos
    3. Satay Roti and Salsa? :l
    4. Deep fried prawns and chips?
    5. Red Velvet Cake
    6. Chocolate mousse cake with chocolate sprinkle and cream *o*
    7. Vanilla with Cream Birthday Cake with a macaroon? bwahha
    8. Cookie + Chocolate Cupcake
    9. Mac and Cheese

    omgosh jane >~<" so much foood!

  2. YES i love the junk food games :D they're so much fun!

    1. chocolate triangle cake...hopefully this is right, my friend actually made a chocolate triangle cake the other day and this looks like it :P
    2. a soft shell taco with spanish rice, yellow rice/lettuce/tomatoes and beans on the side
    3. quesadilla with sour cream/lettuce/tomato salsa and a dipping sauce
    4. fried shrimp and fries with...coleslaw? ._. i think there's also a plate of ketchup in the background...
    5. red velvet cake <3
    6. a chocolate cake with chocolate chips/sprinkles and frosting
    7. i see candles so it must be a birthday cake :D can't tell what flavor, but i see vanilla frosting, a chocolate decoration and a macaroon.
    8. chocolate cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, and iced coffee :P
    9. that looks so good...mac and cheese :)

  3. Umm....I want to eat good food too Jane! Bring me with youuuuuuuuu! LOL!

    I'll try guessing because it looks like so much fun. =)

    1. A slice of chocolate cake/brownie
    2. Soft shell tacos with beans and Spanish rice on the side? Wait....or are the sides what you use to fill the tacos?
    3. Quesadilla -- they are completely love <3
    4. Fried shrimps with fries.
    5. Red velvet cake
    6. A yummy chocolate mini cake! Are those chocolate bits on the side? It looks soooo good. I want one!
    7. Macaroon on a cake
    8. Chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate cupcake with a beautiful flower design on top.
    8. Mac N Cheese

  4. Am I too late to join the party? ^^
    1. Brownie
    2. Soft tacos/fajitas with Spanish rice, beans, and veggies
    3. Chicken and cheese quesadillas with veggie toppings
    4. Fried shrimp and fries
    5. Red velvet cheesecake
    6. the CUTEST chocolate and maybe mocha(?) mini cake ever
    7. A birthday cake? with macaroons on top
    8. Milk tea, cupcake and cookie
    9. Mac n' cheese!


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