Friday, November 4, 2011

What happened?

Nothing really, just too much work. Took my last belated midterm (my prof kept pushing it off) yesterday and now I am home free! Not really, finals are coming up right around the corner but UNTIL then, I will be blogging - oh yeah!

I FINALLY got a new camera. It's a Nikon (I had a Sony for 6 (?)years) and starting today's post, almost all photos will be taken with my new camera! I am in love with my new camera! Lol, funny story though. I calculated the cost of the camera + NY tax and came up with how much I needed. So I needed $X and I saved just enough but I seemed to have forgotten (yes I was that excited to buy my camera and I'm not that smart, apparently) that I need a memory card as well. So in the end, no I did not pay for EVERYTHING since my mom paid for my 4gb memory card. I am still such a child.

I'm still learning how to use my camera. Two things I'm still getting used to:
a) For my Sony camera, I typically charged the battery by itself (outside of the camera body) but for my new Nikon one, I must charge with the battery inside the camera body. I'm not sure if all Nikon cameras are like this but it's just different!
b) Same idea for importing photos. For my Sony camera, I only had to take out the memory card but now I need to plug it in my camera body to import.

BUT THE PICTURES ARE AMAZING! So much better than my Sony.

It was my mom's birthday last week and we went to the city to eat/shop. We picked up things she wanted but I didn't want to leave empty handed even though it wasn't MY birthday. So I asked if we can stop by h&m and we did! Picked up three things for myself:

A dusty pink bag which was $24.95, I don't know why the tag is flipped over like that lol. And two polka dot scarves that were $4.95 each (regular $6.95). Sorry for the black shadow on the left, my chair is REALLY black and it created this weird shadow lol.

Junk food post preview!

but it won't all be easy like this...


  1. Love the scarves :) And haha, can't wait for the junk food game! :D

  2. Yay! congrats on the new camera! And new goodies even though it wasn't your birthday.

    Have fun working the functions of your camera out, I sure as heck still have no idea what some of the things my Sony can do, I tend to use the same settings cause I'm too lazy to toy around with it.


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