Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where do I even begin?

Hello, hello.
:( this week has been treating me really badly... but I'm glad it's ending soon!
I am NEVER packing my schedule into three days ever again. I have way too many classes in one day for me to handle.
This is also why my posts have been lacking and I hate it because I really enjoy blogging! It takes my stress away :)

So, basically, this is what has been happening with my photos. I bought my new camera 10/25. But even before then, I've been taking pictures of things I wanted to blog about on my old Sony camera.

I've been taking photos but I've been delayed with editing and uploading so... I do not know where to begin with the photos. So I've decided to upload my four most recent purchases. Two from Sephora, one from Missha, and one from F21.

So starting with the Missha - they were giving away their BB creams for FREE to celebrate the launching of their new website. All you had to do was pay for shipping :) I got a mask as well because my mom wanted to try a collagen mask to see if she likes 'em. Total was $11. Ahh! So cheap!

I got #21 and I really like it! I don't know why I didn't like Missha so much before. Or maybe I like it more now because it was free?? Haha.

Bad photo, I know. I was being lazy :P

Next up is F21 GLITTER polishes! With flash / without flash.
From left to right: Teal, Magenta, Silver, Rust, Aqua
@$2.80 each.
They're okay. Nothing spectacular, I wasn't expecting much but I do think they're very pretty :) But I'm having a hard time adjusting to the smell...

Sephora #1 (Online):

Pick up 4 Nars products! Three are eyeshadow duos and they were $10 each. Regular price was $33 so I still spent less after buying THREE of them ($30) hehe. The last Nars product is a nail polish and the regular price was $17 but I got it for $7 I think.
Also picked up some nail stuff: hot pink glitter ($5) & dotting/marble tool ($7) & deep purple polish ($4)for free shipping lol.
I also became VIB last month and they had a VIB offer for a deluxe sample of Amore (comes with three items) so I got that for my mom :) And last but not least, my three free samples.
I will not be elaborating further for these products on THIS particular post. A "Recent Sephora Hauls Overview" entry is currently waiting to be published, so stay tuned!

Last but definitely not least, Sephora #2 (In-Store):
Another nail glitter! And a Mini Tweezerman tweezers featuring Harajuku lovers! It's so cuteee! And it's my FIRST Tweezerman tweezers and I am MADLY in love with them. They were pricey at $15 but SOOO worth it. I have pretty tiny hands and they just work so well with meee!

Also picked up the 500 point BI gift. I was saving and saving because I didn't like any of the other gifts they had but I really like Benefit overall so I went right for it!
The Dandelion blush is full sized (retails $28) and the primer and mascara are sample sizes (mascara size is pretty generous though, I think).


  1. I hope you can swatch the F21 nail polishes! I would love to see them. :)

  2. Benefit product are the Best!!! Im addicted to Benefit products..hehe..(",)~

  3. I'd love to try a BBcream, never done yet! :)


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