Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays! + NOTD

Hey guys, quick post to wish everyone happy holidays!
It's been a wonderful year and I'm glad I have my blog to share my days.

A quick NOTD, I painted them a week ago so there are chips and wears but it looks pretty festive nonetheless! And don't forget to enter my one year giveaway! It ends January 15th, 2012!

Take care! xoxo


  1. Nice nails Jane, I like the red and glitter combo.

  2. I love that glitter! I also did a red/glitter combination for festivity ^.^ What polishes did you use?

  3. oooh lots of glitters! This looks really nice! Will you be doing a different design for the New Year? If so, please post it!!!

  4. Happy holidays, your nails are so celebratory. :D

  5. such pretty and festive nails! love it!

  6. awww cute Christmas nails! for some reason they remind me of christmas cookies hehe :)


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