Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

I like to occasionally cook but I've been doing it a lot these days because classes haven't started yet. January 31st is doom's day. Lol. So yeah sort of a lot of pictures today but it's not that bad today. Before I start, I want to share a picture of possibly the best stuff ever. NUTELLA! w/ cracker sticks!

So I was at the supermarket and I see these babies on the shelf. I grab one to find that it's $2.50 which is pretty expensive so I only bought one, sort of like a test run. Is it just as good? Yes. Is it better than Nutella alone? YES. YES. YES. They sort of remind me of "yan yan" the Asian kind but it's like um, a million times better?!

I already had a lot when I took this picture. Very satisfied with the amount of cracker sticks in it. And the Nutella, more than enough. I scooped up the remaining with my fingers. Gross, but I know everyone does it! >_____>"

A shot of it with some Nutella on.

Dduk ramen guk w/ shredded seasoned beef. It's actually a new thing I made here LOL. Everyone was like "huh..." but it was really good! The beef seasoning was perfect. Very mild.

Budae Jjigae. Includes mussels, baby octopus, tofu, scallion, and sausage. Quite spicy.

Salad w/ Italian dressing.

Gato, our store cat lol. When she was still a kitty:


  1. No way Nutella Yan Yan copy? Looks good. My boyfriend loves nutella as well, so I always make him PB & Nutella sandwiches.

    Aww what an adorable kitty as well!

  2. the food looks yummy, esp the dduk ramen!


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