Wednesday, January 26, 2011

F21 & Shoes.

So I haven't shopped in a week but last week's stuff came in today. I have a few more packages I'm awaiting. Here's a review of today's stuff.

Ruched back cardigan: F21 - $11.50
Absolutely comfortable and flattering. I was afraid the ruched back would make me look fat T_T but it actually takes a few pounds off... The quality is great too. 10/10

Mod Swing Coat: F21 - $18.99
I get so worried when I order coats online, especially ones from F21 because I doubt their quality. But this swing coat exceeded all my expectations. And how the heck am I going to find another jacket under $20?! 10/10

Knit Cardigan Ruffled dress: F21 - $11.99
I fell for this one at first sight. I love the two-tones and yeah. But I didn't know the inside was satin. Not too crazy about satin but I still love the design. 9/10

Leatherette Woven Belt: F21 - $7.80
Compared to how cheap the cardigan and jacket was, I now feel this belt is rather pricey. Lol, but I needed one of these and it does its job. 9/10

Cupcake Necklace: F21 - $1.50
Medium quality, I can't expect much from $1.50 but it still is uber cute. Lol. It's longer than I expected so that's always good. 8/10

Classic Pearlescent Necklace: F21 - $3.80
I haven't worn it yet but there are no defects and it's light. So far so good. 10/10

Carabel Studded Pumps: Nina Shoes - $29.99
*_* Soo cute. I was eyeing it for like, ever, and it finally went on sale $35.98 and I had an extra 20% off. Haha, it's very comfortable. There was only one size left and it was my size! It was calling for me. 10/10

Audrey Pumps: Nine West - $29.99
Hands down favorite from today. I'm going to wear it with my skinny jeans! The blue is a less darker IRL and it's suede! Suede wins, although it's hard to take care of. Even though the box came in a little crushed, 10/10


  1. ahh love your forever 21 haul! their stuff is always really cute and cheap! I love the red coat, the color is really nice. how does it look when it's on, is it fitted?

  2. Hi Jane, nice name ;) F21 is a dangerous place to shop at but you can always find stuff there without feeling too guilty after.

  3. Great finds! The coat is cute and I LOVE the cupcake necklace!

  4. (: thanks for the sweet comment!
    I adore that coat! It's so cute and for so cheap! I'm not sure if you watch kdramas but it reminds me of this coat that suzy wore in dream high.

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