Saturday, January 29, 2011

I hate snow. Really.

I cannot stand any more snow :( NY was all snowy (17 inches in my area which is crazy) and now it's all sleety and grosssssss. I wore my rainboots today and it made my feet cold :( Anyway, I know I'm on a shopping ban but I never go cold turkey so I bought a couple of things today. Starting off with something I needed:

A cute (and small, not bulky please) scheduler! I hate it when I have to carry a planner or scheduler and they're bigger than my books T_T so since I finished my blue bulky not-so-small one, I bought this cute pink one! $5 @ sanrio!

An outfit for Chanel! It was TEN DOLLARS holy moly it's so tiny too! T_T But it's cute isn't it? :) Chanel doesn't want to walk when she's cold so I had (well no, not HADDDD to but I really wanted to because it looked just so cuteee) to get her this sweater dress. It feels really warm but not so thick like her parka. I don't even have a parka but she does. She hates it but that's really too bad... LOL

A circle scarf. I loveee circle scarves and can never have enough of them. I never really had them in this kind of material (like a sweater) so I got it. It's nice and bulky and I think I'll wear it with the swing coat from the previous post. I think this was on sale for $6 at this corner shop.

Another scarf. The color is actually brown and that is the sole reason why I got it. I thought it looked kind of out the ordinary for a scarf. It's almost ruffled completely but only in strips... if that makes any sense. Same store/price as ^

F21 - $5.80. Hohoho I'm so bad with jewelry, I don't know how to layer or anything :( So I got bracelets that were already sort of layered so I don't have to do it :P

And a finish ...


  1. Yes, I hate snow too and I'm so lucky to be in a place that never has any.

    You're scarves look very cozy and warm though and you have such an adorable doggy :)

  2. ugh, i agree, the snow is getting tiresome. i like not having school because of it though hahahaa. and your puppy is absolutely adorable! what a little cutie

  3. can't wait for the spring to get here already!!!
    you're scarves look lovely by the way, i'm sure they are keeping u warm :D

  4. omgosh! that dog dress is adorable! I have a chihuahua, and I dress her up too, since she's so tiny.
    I'm a sucker for glitter (: and nah, I'm hoping she'll end up with sam dong, but my fav. couple is pilsook and jason!! ^--^ so cute.

  5. loving your circle scarve :)

    mandee xox


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