Friday, January 14, 2011

Latest Shopping Spree (?)

So I am a big time shopper x_x. I typically spend $100+ (which is why I never have money for the times I actually need it -_-) and I did some damage this week as well. I bought from AE ($133 -> $108 after discounts) and I bought a long champ bag (le pliage) in lavender! ($125 -> $80 after sale). I always wanted one and I'm very pleased with both of my purchases! I LOVE bags. From cheap ones to expensive ones I love love love them. Lol, people tell me I can probably open my own bag store. I think not! Maybe next time I'll do a post of my bags ^___^

Anyway, here are the pictures! For my AE purchase I got lazy and just posted a snapshot of the item summary (plus they're currently in the wash) :D

^such a pretty color, no?! Just a bad picture x_x

^100% satisfied with everything I bought. Although AE jeans constantly remind me of my short height... (5'1) WHO CARES?!

& a bonus! My yorkshire terrier, Chanel! Long story short, her name is Chanel because she cost as much as a Chanel bag my mother wanted. LOL. We ended up getting her instead and named her Chanel. Haha yeah :P

Sleeping so peacefully under a pile of clothes that are not her's!

That's it for today :p

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