Monday, January 23, 2012

Falsies Round 2!

Hi hi hi!
Hope everyone is well :) If you didn't know, I reply to all comments now (on my blog) so if you leave a comment, come back to see my reply! I also changed my font size because sometimes I have to strain my already horrible eyesight to read my own blog.

So as I've said before, I really wanted to try false lashes and I finally did thanks to my friend. But my hunt for false lashes did not stop there, I bought two other ones from my local beauty supply store. Today I'm going to share one of them, and in short: it was okay but nothing great. I haven't tried the other one yet but I can already tell I'll like it more.

The brand is called Darkness and it's a Korean brand. They're pretty famous for their "double eyelid" glue (the white one) but I've never really heard of their lashes before. I was pretty excited because one box contained two pairs (at about the same price) and it looked pretty fancy (there are small lashes criss-crossing and the top). In the store I couldn't tell that they looked a bit different but I realized what the difference was when I got home.

The difference is the size. I'm thinking maybe I was supposed to cut the lashes to use them almost like individual lashes but I just don't think it'd look the same all butchered up.

^Really pretty though, huh? It's like the long ones are the top layer and the smaller/thinner lashes are below it. The ends look pretty long but it doesn't look too long when they're on my eyes.

Let me further explain. When I bought these lashes, I expected them to cover the length of my entire eye. The MUFE one I tried last time definitely did and the other pair I bought also will fit.

^The one on the bottom is the MUFE one and the one on top is Darkness. The MUFE one is sort of curved towards the right but it's still longer than the one from Darkness. I did not realize this in the store lol. I guess it's because I'm still new to false lashes and I wasn't that familiar with what the size is supposed to look like. When I applied it, it covered 2/3 of my eyes. I thought it'd look really funny but it didn't. In fact, in pictures you can't really tell... I think.

I also did not know it came with glue! In comes with really cute looking glue too!

^Underneath the box, there are instructions in Korean and two adhesives. Step #2, says to cut the lashes to my desire. I don't have a problem with the actual lashes, I have a problem with the length in itself.

^I thought the adhesives were really cute. They're really small! The one in the white is a "weaker" glue (regular, I would say) while the yellow one is a "stronger" glue (extra strength, I would say). I haven't used either because I have my DUO lash adhesive. Too cute to use :p

^As you can see, it doesn't look too extravagant. Not trying to fish for compliments but you can also see that I look weird when I try to smile and that I'm pretty pale T_T I seriously think I have the most awkward looking smile even when I'm not trying to be awkward :'( I consider it one of my flaws. P.S.: Cherry Jolly Ranchers lollipops ftw. Whooooo partially red lips.

^Natural light - but when I lower my eyes like this, you can tell that those are definitely not my own lashes lol.

Do you think I should just cut the lashes and use them as individual lashes instead?


  1. I find it really hard to smile too!
    These lashes look more natural than I thought they would, since they look quite long. I reckon you should keep them as is, it's really easy to lose teeny tiny bits of lashes - but that could just be because I'm a klutz ^^

    1. Haha yeah, people with nice smiles are so lucky.
      I want to keep it together too but I might cut up one pair to see what it looks like! :)

  2. Hmm I'm in no way a lash expert so I can't recommend cutting them but I do like that pair on you, they really give your eyes that extra wow factor and look quite natural. I do like that they are not too over the top but I do see what you mean in the last picture where it looks a tad bit awkward.

    Hmm, I bought the cheapo lashes from Ebay like 40 pairs for $7 and I like to practice with those, that way I don't feel guilty cutting them up. I suggest that if you want to practice without feeling guilty about cutting them up.

    1. That's probably the wiser thing to do because then you can practice without feeling too bad even if they don't turn out the way you want them to.

  3. P.S. I tagged you for the "11 Questions Tag"

  4. They look very natural, not at all dramatic. They look like they would be good for a day out on the town, or for work or school.

    1. Haha yeah. I haven't worn them to school yet but I did to town. It was weird, I felt people were all staring at my eyes but in reality nobody was staring at me LOL.

  5. I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award! Definitely do it if you'd like<3 :)

  6. The lashes i find are quite natural, applying only half to outer corner of eyes is fine (: , nice blog by the way!
    CMPang x

  7. They look so good and natural, I think if I find some of that in my place I would definitively grab some.
    I would appreciate if you check my blog:

  8. I've never used false lashes before, but those lashes look amazing on you - and quite natural too!

    You have a great blog :) Followed you!

    xo Lori


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