Thursday, January 5, 2012

Too Faced 'Lashlight' Mascara & Award!

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Hello, all! A super hello (lol) to my newer followers!

Today's post will be jam packed so keep reading! I will try to keep text limited. *looks at finished post* just kidding, text will not be too limited. I tried though... LOL.

I was gifted the Too Faced 'Lashlight' Mascara (a big thank you to my friend 'E' who probably won't ever read this LOL) so I decided I'd review it and show you guys! I don't see too many people reviewing this so I hope you guys don't mind. You can get this product here.

Why is this mascara so unique? Because it LIGHTS up! Yes, it has LED LIGHTS! I thought that was exciting enough to be in caps, sorry LOL. I'm still new to Too Faced as this is only my second product (first was this one) but it hasn't disappointed me yet.

There is a button at the top of the handle in which you can turn off and on.

The mascara, overall, was pretty good. It clumped the ends of my lashes a bit but it was very black, which I appreciate. It has a typical looking wand but it's smaller than some other wands I've seen, which works better in my opinion because it's less likely that you'll over-apply.

It also comes with a mirror on the side so you can see up close while you apply it. Now you don't have to worry about missing any part of your lashes or applying to much on one side. It IS easy for it to start clumping, I think, so I would suggest to be careful while using it. But I suppose this can apply to any mascara. It lengthens and provides volume but it lengthens more than it volumizes(?), does that make sense? Lol, I will let some of my pictures explain this as well.

And this is how it looks on me.. dun dun dun.
*Warning: I take very bad pictures of my eyes.

My normal lashes.


Here's the process! It's not as scary as it looks, the light is not blinding!

Here is the end result (one coat). So as you can see, there is a little clumping here and there but it holds my curls nicely (it's quite difficult for me to find a mascara like this so this is pretty good).

In short: 3.8/5

I'm also excited to announce that I received my first blogger award! I received a Liebster award from Maddy. Thank you, Maddy!

This award is for bloggers with under 200 followers. The rules are:

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
  4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
  5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog.
My nominations in no specific order are:
1. Janet
2. Honey
3. Vonnie
4. Jessica
5. Janine

Sorry if any of you girls already received it.

This marks the end of today's post!

So, what do you think of the mascara?


  1. LED light? Is it suppose to serve as something beside "lighting" up the brush? I find it strange that they would just randomly put a light there. LOL!

    The mascara looks nice but I have a problem using mascara with those brush wands. They never work on me. =(

  2. woowhooo! I'm new to blogger so I honestly don't know about these blog awards but it feels good! :) Thank you Jane! :D

  3. thanks for tagging me!! appreciate a lot!!! thankyouberimuch!!! =)

    The mascara looks interesting with the light and mirror thingy..but the wand is just like any other mascara out there..I would prefer that they improve the wand or the formula rather than adding a light and mirror..(-__-)" pretty interesting product though...but I think I'll pass on this..hehe~ Thanks for sharing this products ^_^~

  4. wow it looks great, I like your eyelashes btw :D
    and congrats for the award :)

  5. omoh the mascara is interesting and congrats for the award ;)

  6. thanks so much for the award ~! <3

  7. Wow your eyelashes look great! It really gave a lot of curl and definition. Maybe a lash comb might help with the clumping?

    Yes, skoah is Canadian. It's actually a facial place in Vancouver and they make their own skincare :) I know they ship to the US though! Their site is

  8. I thought the flashlights were some gimmicky thing they were trying, but if the mascara is good quality, I guess I could consider it.

    Congrats on your award! :D


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