Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smashbox - Masquerade and Reign Lip Glosses

Hello, all!
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Today's post will be about two lip glosses I have come to use somewhat recently although I've had them for a while. They are both from Smashbox and they are both limited edition. The first one is from the "Masquerade" line and the second one is from the "Reign" line. The Masquerade lip gloss is still sold on their website (it's on sale, too!). I have it in the shade "disguise". The Reign lip gloss is no longer sold on their website and it is older than the Masquerade line if I am correct. I have this in the shade "crowned". You can get this on amazon at a good price!

As I've said before, I am not a lip stick person (yet). I don't think I'm ready for it yet so I'm mostly a lip gloss or lip balm/stain person. Overall, I think both are great lip glosses and the price is pretty fair.

I hate to admit it but I really am a sucker for cute packaging. And I love products even more if the actual product is good as well. At first, the packaging is what made me pick up the Reign lip gloss. It was very cute!

I like the little charm at the top of the tube and it has a 'royal' theme to it. The shade was appealing because it was somewhat pinky-peachy (when applied) and a little orange too (swatched). It also does not have chunks of glitter in it (it has some glitter but nothing too noticeable or crazy) and I feel that it is appropriate for daily use.

In terms of stickiness - yes it is a bit sticky. But not as sticky as other lip glosses I've tried (in particular Tokidoki's Prisma lip gloss) and the color is quite true to bottle. I dislike anything that looks too overwhelming but I think this lip gloss is suitable for all lips! And I think a pinky-peachy is appropriate for all people as it looks quite natural. It also smells good! Taste - not so much lol.

On the other hand, Masquerade is pretty glittery. There are some flecks of gold glitters so it may or may not be appropriate for daily use (depends on what you consider too glittery) but I think it's okay for daily use as well. My friend (who is a lipstick addict) told me that this is great to put on top of lipstick as well.

Masquerade is a little bit darker than my usual liking but that's okay because it's not too dark. What I like is that it's not sticky. Seriously, super sticky lip glosses are not flattering and they're hard to deal with if you leave your hair down. I also like that this "just enough" for when you want your overall face to stand out. It's definitely pinkish when swatched/in the bottle but on my lips I feel like the color doesn't show as much. It's probably my own lip color though!

One thing I don't like, however, is the smell. Compared to Reign, I feel like Masquerade doesn't smell so great but it doesn't really taste like anything. The smell does go away after a while... or maybe I just got used to it.

Bare lips:

Masquerade (Disguise):

Reign (Crowned):

In short: Both are 3.7/5 - I'm pleased with both.

So, are you a lipstick or lip gloss person? Recommend me your favorite of either or both!


  1. The Masquerade (Disguise)looks great.

  2. pretty lipglosses!
    I've never owned any smashbox product before, and I believe they aren't available here in germany,might have to check online! ;)

    thank you for the review ;D

  3. I like the shimmer of the Masquerade disguise :) both are a very pretty pink though!

  4. The packaging is adorable! I love it. :) It's not as pigmented as I was hoping for, but it looks good nevertheless.

    Which Estee Lauder's serum is good? Do you know the full name?

  5. I am more of a balm person, myself. I think I look silly wearing lipstick!

    I am a sucker for cute packaging, too, and I really like the charm on the caps. That alone would be enough to attract me to it, haha. I'm not so sure what I think about the Crowned. I really like Disguise. Both of them look great on you!

  6. im a lipstick person haha..i love the miss tangerine lipstick from etude.. but right now, im using lipgloss from mary kay~ i wanna buy smashbox products too! ive seen them in a local mall..they have very cute packaging~~ btw, both looks nice on your lips! i love how it looks pale~ pretty^^

  7. i would buy the lipgloss just for the packaging..its freaking cute~~~
    i think im a little bit of both...but lipstick..just because it gives my lips more colour...
    my fav lipstick is well i dont have fav lipgloss is Amber by Boxum everyday shade ever


  8. i recently got into lipsticks and all the ones I own are Revlon ones. The ones I like are Nude Attitude and Mauve it Over. I not into lip glosses because i don't like that wet lips look, but damn, they make your lips look delicious! lol

  9. Firstly please don't think I'm a freak Jane haha.. but your lips are so smooth! makes my lips look like grandma lips ):

    I rarely use lipstick either (unless it's a special occasion) because it really awkward when I see people with lipstick on their teeth; thus super paranoid it'll happen to me. Also a sucker for cute packaging thats probably 80% of the reason why I buy stuff half the time hehe.
    Both the glosses are more sheer than the swatches which is a shame but they are still nice for everyday neutral looks.

    Oh yea, for your giveaway forgot to mention or maybe I did haha ): mind of a goldfish.. how I stumbled on your blog, I think it was either off Che or Soompi ^-^" sorry this comment is so long.

  10. I'm a chapstick person..haha! Well I think I lean towards gloss in this case. :)

  11. The charm on the Crowned lipgloss is so cute!

  12. I want these now! I love lipgloss so much!

  13. I am more of a gloss girl. I find few lipsticks I actually like.

  14. Nice colours!


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