Sunday, January 15, 2012

MUFE False Lashes! & FOTD

Hey hey hey!
So my giveaway is ending in ~8 hours. It's now 11:59PM and it has officially closed! This is very exciting for me :)

I'm going to have to modify the rules a little.
a) I've decided to include everyone who partially participated (as in, they did not follow all the rules but did follow some of them). I did this because this is my first giveaway and I didn't want to leave anyone out who took the time to join in the first place. But next time, I don't think I'll be doing this.
b) I might have to make the second place winner a random winner as well - simply because of time constraints.
c) Not really a modification but the winners will be announced by January 18th so be sure to check back and see if you won!

Onto my first pair of falsies!

So I mentioned that I wanted to try false lashes. Believe it or not, the very next day I wrote that post, I met my super close friend. She gave me a belated Christmas gift from Sephora and it was a) a gift card b) Make Up For Ever False Eyelashes (#156 Genevieve), c) A DUO lash glue (dark tone).

I once mentioned that I wanted to try falsies one day during a random conversation and she remembered! So sweet of her, she always makes fun of me but inside I think she's madly in love with me HAHA.

The box with the gift card came with two slots. The slot on the left had the gift card and the right had a mirror! On the back she wrote:

To: Jane
From: Your butt

I always knew she loved me.

Onto the falsies!

^She threw in some samples as well. The Hello Kitty thing is a brown eyeliner!

The sales associate told her that there was no adhesive that comes with the lashes (even though clearly, there is a bottle). That's why she got me the DUO glue as well, in her words, "I couldn't get you lashes but no glue for them". These lashes are $15! I would never buy this with my own money but I'd probably always want them. They're a lot more fancier than I would have normally liked, especially the outer sides of the lashes but it doesn't look as dramatic when on. Um, I think so anyway. Besides, I love them so much more because my friend took the time to think this out for me!

A few close ups of the lashes!



As you can see, they're full blown lashes with some crosses between the lashes at the top. It's shorter on the inner side and longer on the outer. I tried them on today. It was weird trying them on by myself (I tried them once for a recital before but an actual makeup artist put them on for me). I was kind of scared and my face was only a few centimeters away from my mirror LOL. Due to my excitement/nervousness, I don't think I applied it TOO well but I was satisfied with what I got.


^No flash. Sorry for the stern look LOL.

Overall, I'm very pleased with it. I feel bad that they're $15 though. Wow oh wow. But at least they're reusable! Probably going to wear these forever.

That's it for today :)

False lashes for you personally, yay or nay?


  1. Friends like those are certainly hard to find!!! Haha! The lashes look really nice on you! They certainly do make your eyes pop! \(✦υ✦)/

  2. The falsies look fabulous!
    I still can't put them on properly though hhahaha :/

  3. wow, the lashes are gorgeous! I really like false eyelashes, but only for special occasions. I think it's a bit too extreme to wear them everyday, like some girls at my school!

  4. Your friend remind me so much of mine. One time we were making pho and I know I had mentioned something about liking the wider noodles a long time ago. When I went over she told me she bought some wider noodles because she knew I liked them. I was so touched by it!

    I attempted to try on my first fake lashes awhile ago too! I really don't know how people can spend so much money on it. $15 a pair is kind of ridiculous.

    They look great on you though! It looks really natural!

  5. these lashes look sooooo natural on you... =) lucky u u have got such a loving friend <3

  6. they look great on you!
    ia, i have a hard time justifying an expensive pair of fake lashes. your friend is nice to buy that for you!

  7. Lovely photos, the lashes are great ^^)/

  8. Yay! You look darling. :)

    Haha and your friend is so sweet. ^^

  9. i recently had the urge to try on false lashes too and i got some cheap ones from the drugstore (ardell brand). The first time I applied it, it was a disaster because my actual lashes were in the way and i didn't know how to position it right. it ended up stick to my lid more than the "lash line" so I look incredible weird and it was super uncomfortable. it looks good on you - you did a great job for a newbie! the lashes aren't too dramatic but it just enhanced your look =)

  10. You look so pretty with the lashes! I remember the little glue that comes in the MUFE eyelashes is sooo sticky. Once I accidentally wiped it on my fingers and it took forever to get the glue off! That Sephora gift card case is so nice to have a mirror, how thoughtful!


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